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Board Minutes - July 13, 2010



July 13, 2010

The Murray, Nebraska Board of Trustees met in regular session on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 7:00 pm in the Murray Municipal Building. Present: Trustees: Bill Johnson, Debbie Newhouse, George Blessing, Stan Flak, Shelley Lesac; Eileen Murdoch; attending: guests.

Notice of the meeting was given in advance thereof by posting in (3) three public places as shown by the certificate attached to these minutes. Notice of the meeting was simultaneously given to the Chairperson and all members of the Board of Trustees. Their acknowledgement of receipt of notice and agenda is attached to these minutes. All proceedings thereafter were taken while the convened meeting was open to the attendance of the public.

Chairperson Lesac called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and informed the audience of the location of the open meetings act poster.

Motion by Johnson, seconded by Flak to approve the minutes of the June 8, 2010 regular meeting; ayes: Johnson, Newhouse, Blessing, Flak, Lesac; motion carried.

Motion by Johnson, seconded by Newhouse to acknowledge receipt of the Treasurer's report and minutes from the April 6, 2010 Planning Commission meeting, ayes: Johnson, Newhouse, Blessing, Flak, Lesac; motion carried.

Motion by Flak, seconded by Newhouse to approve claims as revised; ayes: Johnson, Newhouse, Blessing, Flak, Lesac; motion carried.

Maintenance Report.

Dennis Hoback, Cass County Rural Water (CCRW), discussion on east meter pit relocation.

Review bids, Main and Davis Street project. Motion by Johnson, seconded by Newhouse to accept the bid from Kerns Excavating for $14,975.00 for the Main and Davis Street project; ayes: Johnson, Newhouse, Blessing, Flak, Lesac; motion carried.

Galaxy Cable approve franchise assignment and transfer. Chairperson Lesac introduced and read by title Ordinance #503 WHEREAS, GALAXY CABLE INC. D/B/A GALAXY CABLEVISION CURRENTY OPERATES A CABLE TELEVISION SYSTEM WITHIN THE VILLAGE OF MURRAY, NE UNDER FRANCHISE ORDINANCE 240, AS MAY HAVE BEEN AMENDED, ASSIGNED OR EXTENDED; Trustee Johnson motioned, seconded by Trustee Newhouse to suspend the three required statutory readings of Ordinance #503; ayes: Johnson, Newhouse, Blessing, Flak, Lesac, motion carried. Motion by Johnson, seconded by Flak to adopt, post and publish in pamphlet form Ordinance #503; ayes: Johnson, Newhouse, Blessing, Flak, Lesac, motion carried.

Scenic Weeping Water Valley Association. Motion by Flak, seconded by Johnson to adopt Resolution 10-2 to support Agri-tourism Zoning designation; ayes: Johnson, Newhouse, Blessing, Flak, Lesac; motion carried.

Motion by Newhouse seconded by Flak to accept the resignation of Brian Coffman from the Murray Planning Commission; ayes: Johnson, Newhouse, Blessing, Flak, Lesac; motion carried.

Update on trailer court nuisance.

Qualls, 106 N. Park, nuisance update. Motion by Newhouse, seconded by Flak to send the second letter and have the nuisance hearing in August; ayes: Johnson, Newhouse, Blessing, Flak, Lesac; motion carried.

Motion by Newhouse, seconded by Flak to adjourn the meeting at 8:03 PM, ayes: Johnson, Newhouse, Blessing, Flak, Lesac; motion carried.

I, the undersigned Village Clerk of the Village of Murray, Nebraska, hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of proceedings had and done by the Chairperson and the Board of Trustees of the Village of Murray to the best of my knowledge; that the agenda was kept continually current and available for public inspection at the office of the Village Clerk; that the minutes were in written form and available for public inspection within (10) working days and prior to the next convened meeting of said body; the minutes are published in summary form, upon request a complete copy is available at the Village Office.

Shelley Lesac, Chairperson

Eileen A. Murdoch, Village Clerk


 SUPPLIER                                                                 DESC                        Month                           AMOUNT

Beaver Lake Assn                                                         cnt                                                                 4,074.68

Black Hills Energy                                                            ut                                                                      20.95

CCRW #1                                                                         cnt                                                                4,120.53

Deluxe                                                                                su                                                                      65.20

Great Plains 1 Call                                                           rp                                                                        4.16

Konfrst, Al                                                                          ins                                                                    415.00

Lee Enterprises                                                                pu                                                                       45.45

Meeske Ace Hardware                                                     su                                                                    560.47

Midwest Coop                                                                      fl                                                                      294.00

Morten Law                                                                         lgl                                                                      126.50

MSB/IRS                                                                              wh                                                                  1,605.42

Murray Repair                                                                      rp                                                                      106.95

Ne Dept Rev                                                                        stx                                                                      986.97

Newhouse, Debbie                                                       reimb                                                                  1,083.31

Nppd                                                                                       ut                                                                   1,033.19

Oce Imagistics                                                                    cnt                                                                        41.91

Office Depot                                                                         su                                                                       106.96

Petty Cash                                                                            ca                                                                        58.03

Pollution Control Systems                                               rep                                                                   4,696.00

PO                                                                                         ptg                                                                       100.00

Ruhge Mowing Services                                                  mw                                                                        750.00

Sendd                                                                                     pf                                                                        144.00

Sendd                                                                                     pf                                                                        409.00

Verizon Wireless                                                                 ph                                                                          58.16

Waste Mgmt                                                                        cnt                                                                    2,594.29

Windstream                                                                          ph                                                                      268.21

West-e-Con                                                                            rp                                                                      530.00

75 Mart                                                                                      fl                                                                       125.44

Payroll                                                                                      pr                                                                    6,301.98

Claims Total                                                                                                                                               30,726.76

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