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Tell Me, Again...What Season Is This?

Oh., I knew it was a dream... a beautiful Spring day, riding along in my old car with the windows open, and a perfect 72-degree breeze blowing through. Why did I bother throwing on a sweater? I stepped out and over to the swaying daffodils and lavender violets, lifting my face into the clean, clear air and warm sparkling sun, breathing deeply...


But, there I was, sweat pouring down my face, walking across the steamy parking lot to put groceries in the trunk. The temperature had climbed faster than a squirrel on an oak tree, but I had plans to get many things tended to before we headed-out for our grandson's baseball game this evening. Would I have to skip some of those tedious jobs, just because of the heat? Think I'll swing by Sonic for an ice cold, strawberry limeade! Hope someone's home when I get there to help me unload these bags. I'm a cool-weather-type of person, by nature, always have been, even though I was born and raised right here in the 'Heartland'. I don't go south of Kansas City in the summertime, if I can help it, and even thought about moving to upstate Michigan, Montana or even Alaska, once upon a time...


Hold on, now......what do you mean, we should close all the windows? The neighbor girl had a soccer game today in the rain.  Parents were shivering in their parkas and gloves out on the sidelines.  Some wouldn't even get out of their cars.  One mom said she had the car on and the heater going full blast!  Didn't we just open up the whole place a couple of days ago to get some fresh air in here? So what if it's 45-degrees out there? I know you're tempted to turn the furnace on, you know, just to take the cold, wet chill out. What do you mean, 'where did I put the blanket after I washed it?'  and you'd like some taco soup for supper tonight, cause it's a good, cold weather 'warmer-upper'?

My gosh.....would someone just shake me to wake me up from this weird dream, please?!?! Oh, never mind, I'm not's just Springtime in Nebraska!

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