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Murray Newsletter - July 29, 2009

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Looking across the backyard from our deck, then across our next-door neighbor's yard to the east of us, we can see this GIANT sunflower peeking over the fence from the next yard over! It looks like it must be 10 or 11-feet high by now, because it's grown since I took this picture last week!


Come and join our neighbors to the south for UNION DAZE!

July 31st to August 2nd

Union Ball Field
Union, Nebraska

There will be a Food & Beer Garden.

Sat., Aug 1st events:
Car show
Kickball, beer Frisbee & children's games
LIVE!! Johnny on the Spot
Sun., Aug 2nd:
Pie & hotdog eating contest
Pie contest (donate your pies to be judged by 10 a.m. Sunday)
OR CALL AMY @ 297-6522 OR TANYA @ 209-3619.


The Old Avoca (Nebraska) Schoolhouse will be hosting a Beginning Recorder Workshop on Saturday, September 12, from 1 PM - 3 PM, for folks who want to learn to play the soprano recorder.

Deborah Greenblatt, Master Artist with the Nebraska Arts Council, and member of the American Recorder Society, will lead the workshop. Pre-registration is required, and enrollment is limited. The $30.00 fee includes an instruction book, and a soprano recorder.

For more information, call 402-275-3221, or send an e-mail to




StandbyVideo, Inc, dba, the Louisville business that brings you this Newsletter has become part of the definition of public 'Videoconference Rooms' in the newly created Wikipedia article. Check it out at




Do you know that has readers in such faraway places as Washington (state), Arizona, Virginia, Alaska and Florida?  They also enjoy reading about what's happening in and around Murray!  Tell your neighbors and faraway friends about us, too!





The Cass County Fair starts in Weeping Water in just one week!

All 4-H members and others interested in open class events, better get your projects ready to enter!

Cass County Fairgrounds are located along the south side of Highway 1, approximately 14 miles west of Murray.

The fair's website,, will give you a complete schedule that's updated often.



Hey, the kids can do this one! Okay, it's not really a 'recipe', but here's a neat little way to get rid of those pesky little fruit gnats that float around your kitchen, bugging the heck out of you, while they're checking out all the juicy fruits and vegetables of the season that you placed on the counter.


In a small, clear jar or glass, pour about 1/2 inch of apple cider vinegar and add about 3 drops of dishwashing liquid.

Next, roll a plain white piece of paper, about an 8 x 11" sheet, into a funnel shape and secure it with tape or a paper clip. Make the narrow opening of the funnel about 1/2 inch in diameter.

Place the funnel into the glass, but do NOT let the paper touch the vinegar.

Those little buggers are attracted to the brightness of the paper and smell of the vinegar. They'll crawl down the funnel and into the cider/detergent mixture, but they can't get out. You'll be amazed at how many will be in the bottom of the glass and you don't have to worry about using nasty chemicals around food, kids or pets.

Don't forget to change the solution daily.

No kidding, it really works!



(Same method works on fruit flies too, only instead of apple cider vinegar drop a small piece of banana or peach on the bottom of the jar and make cut off only very small tip of the paper cone to let fruit flies in; fruit files won't drown but you can just release them outside :)


DED awards more than $4.5 million in CDBG funds

LINCOLN, NEB. (July 20, 2009)-

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) announced $4,517,700 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for projects in 20 communities and one county.Grants were awarded to mostly small, rural communities in the Public Works and Planning categories

"With the extreme belt tightening taking place nationwide, the funding of these critical infrastructure and development projects takes on even greater significance," said Richard J. Baier, DED Director. "I'm pleased that the state continues to play a big role in helping communities actualize projects that are instrumental to their continued health, well being and future development."

Grants are administered by DED from the state's annual allocation of CDBG funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The application and grant process is a partnership of DED, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development, and the Nebraska Departments of Environmental Quality and Health and Human Services.

Funding for public works projects totaling nearly $4.4 million will go to the following Nebraska communities:

  • Ainsworth will receive $350,000 to construct multiple blocks of new concrete streets, and rehabilitate and repair sewer lines within a one-block area in the vicinity of street construction.
  • Alma will receive $253,300 to install concrete pavement, curbing and a driveway, and install storm sewer piping and curb inlets to serve the residential properties in the vicinity of the Alma Hospital, Harlan County Health System, and Good Samaritan.
  • Bridgeport will receive $350,000 to construct two new municipal wells, rehabilitate an existing well plus interconnecting raw water transmission mains, a new uranium removal water treatment plant and distribution system improvements.
  • Brunswick will receive $101,900 to install concrete pavement along two heavily traveled blocks that see a high concentration of residential and industrial traffic.
  • Clarkson will receive $284,300 to install concrete pavement, curbing and gutters along four residential blocks, correcting storm water drainage in the process.
  • Cook will receive $350,000 to install concrete pavement, sidewalks, storm sewers, and replace a 100-year-old water main and service lines to improve in the Village.
  • Franklin will receive $70,100 to renovate the Franklin Senior Center. Work will include installation of a new roof, fiberglass insulation, new furnace and air conditioning systems, ductwork, upgraded lamp fixtures, new bathroom fixtures, and sealant around the front windows and new front door.
  • Herman will receive $350,000 to construct a pre-engineered steel fire station with five apparatus bays to replace its outdated and deteriorating fire station built more than 55 years ago. The new facility also will include a kitchen, meeting rooms, restrooms, laundry, office and storage.
  • Loup City will receive $350,000 to install concrete pavement with curbing and gutters along four residential blocks, which will improve traffic flow, biking and walking routes, and the water drainage in the area.
  • Manley will receive $218,000 to rebuild roadbed, and install concrete pavement with curbing and gutters, and 18-inch reinforced concrete sewer piping to replace deteriorating asphalt streets and improve drainage along Main, Elm and South Streets.
  • Marquette will receive $187,000 to construct a new 8,750 sq. ft. community building that will house the community center, rural fire barn and village office. The community center will feature a meeting/gathering room, warming kitchen, restrooms, storage closet and mechanical room.
  • Minatare will receive $350,000 to replace its deteriorating, undersized water tower with a 250,000 gallon water tower, connecting distribution mains, fittings and valves to be located on 7th Street between Main St. and First Avenue.
  • Oxford will receive $130,000 to renovate the recently closed/consolidated school in Oxford into a 4,860 sq. ft. senior center. The current facility is too small to accommodate the approximate 22-25 percent of seniors in the area, and a health hazard with sinking, uneven floors, narrow halls and non-perishable food storage area next to the furnace.
  • Pawnee City will receive $350,000 to put toward construction of a new 6,500 sq. ft. public library. Built in 1907 and funded through the Carnegie grant program, the current library is approximately 2,000 sq. ft. The basement is accessible to handicapped patrons, but the main floor is only accessible by an exterior staircase.
  • South Sioux City will receive $350,000 to install concrete pavement, curbing and gutters, and water mains and storm sewers along several streets that encompass both residences and businesses. The project is expected to correct poor drainage problems, as well as improve traffic flow and water pressure.
  • Sumner will receive $350,000 to install asphalt pavement, and concrete curbing and gutters to improve deteriorating conditions within the Village, which will improve safety, water drainage and traffic flow along these routes.

Funding for planning projects totaling $123,100 will go to the following communities/county:

  • Alvo will receive $20,600 to implement its first-ever comprehensive plan that establishes future goals and objectives, and a land use plan to govern future improvements and help protect the health, safety and welfare of its citizens.
  • Bassett will receive $22,500 to conduct a preliminary engineering report of its sewer system. The evaluation will offer recommendations for necessary upgrades and areas that benefit the community.
  • Benkelman will receive $30,000 to execute a project that involves developing and adopting a comprehensive plan, reviewing and updating zoning and subdivision regulations, developing a blight and substandard study, and crafting and implementing a housing market study.
  • North Platte and Lincoln County will receive $50,000 to update its existing comprehensive plans to include further infrastructure and development recommendations for more affordable fair housing for low- and moderate-income wage earners and special needs persons.

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