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Murray Newsletter - November 11, 2009


"The wild gander leads his flock through the cool night,
Ya-honk! he says, and sounds it down to me like an invitation:
The pert may suppose it meaningless, but I listen closer,
I find its purpose and place up there toward the November sky."

- Walt Whitman, From "Leaves of Grass"










It's Important to have a Twinkle in Your Wrinkle!

With friends and family, Margaret Meisinger will be celebrating her 100th birthday!

English Rose in Murray
Thursday, November 12th, 2009
9 - 11 a.m.

Cake and coffee will be served.

Margaret and her husband, Reuben (Butch) were the original owners of the
Murray Lockers.

Please bring Margaret your birthday greetings in person!

After all, how many 100-year-olds do you ever get to say 'Happy Birthday' to?!




An additional supply of H1N1 vaccine has arrived and the Sarpy/Cass Department of Health and Wellness will be holding a public vaccination clinic for those who are most at risk for complications from H1N1 and who are residents of Sarpy or Cass counties.


For this public clinic, five target groups have been identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP):

Pregnant women, persons who live with or provide care for infants younger than 6 months, health care and emergency medical services personnel with direct patient contact, children and young adults aged 6 months through 24 years, and persons aged 25 through 64 years who have medical conditions that put them at higher risk for influenza-related complications.

We ask people who are not in one of these groups to be patient and allow people most at risk for complications from H1N1 influenza to get vaccinated first. After the CDC ships enough vaccine to states to serve the at-risk individuals in our counties, the vaccine will be made available to those in Sarpy and Cass counties who want it. The Health Department advises those attending the clinic to wear short sleeves under sweatshirts and jackets.

WHERE/WHEN: Thursday, November 12, from 12:30 PM to 6:30 PM
(school vaccinations only beginning at 12:30; clinic will be open to the targeted groups in the community at 3:00 PM)

Weeping Water School
204 West O Street
Weeping Water, NE

COST: There will be no charge

As more doses become available, more public clinics will be provided.
CONTACT: Dianne Kelly, 402-339-4334, ext. 205


4-H Members and Leaders Recognized

Over 135 4-H members, leaders, parents, guests and Cass County Extension staff celebrated "Go Green With 4-H", recognizing outstanding accomplishments at the annual Achievement Party on Sunday, November 1, at the Cass County fairgrounds.

4-H Council members and other volunteers decorated the Expo Building for this annual event which included an afternoon hot dog roast sponsored by the Cass County Bankers Association.  Awards were sponsored by the Cass County Bankers Association, Meeske Hardware and Cass County 4-H Council. Nebraska 4-H Foundation, No Frills Supermarket and Arby's provided partial sponsorship.

Annette Dougherty, project leader for the 4-H Western Feeders 4-H Club, was awarded the Olga Livers Outstanding Leader Award for 2009.  Receiving special recognition for years of service as leaders in the 4-H program were: John Knabe (55 years); Carleen and Lynn Dowding (35 years); Bob Vance (15 years); and Diane Bolin and Kim Volwiler (10 years). Five year pins were given for leader recognition to Brandy Ahrens, Joshua Bornemeier, Jerry Fleischman, Jennifer Hardesty, Dennis Heim, Denise Horn, Brenda Klingforth, Krystl Knabe, Karey Koehn, Rita and James Parriott, Cindy Penke, Stephanie Penke, Lynn Plucknett, Deborah Rich, Lois Sjogren, Gary Todd, Tyson Vogt, and Rhonda Woolridge. Two year ribbons were awarded to Kristin Bohling, Linda Branson, Julie Dillon, Vicki Larsen, Stacy Moxey, and Jennifer and Scott Rieflin. Leader appreciation gifts were provided by the Cass County 4-H Council to all organizational and project leaders.

4-H members receiving Gold Membership (18 years old 4-H age and 12 years or more of 4-H membership):  Jennifer Allen, Laura Brown, Amelia Gredys, Whitney Heard, Marcy Heim, Dustin Knabe, Trenton Shrader, Jordan Vogt, Kalby Wehrbein. 4-H members receiving Silver Membership (twelve years of 4-H membership):  Owen Bond, Timothy Brown, Nathan Fries, Denae Martin, Cory Schlichtemeier. 4-H members receiving Bronze Membership (ten years of 4-H membership):Blake Balfour, Clint Bornemeier, Phillip Brown, Dylan Crist, Taylor Fleischman, Tyler Fleischman, Julia Freeburg, Amanda Hauschild, Nathaniel Homan, Marshall Keil, Amy Kerns, Matthew Lubben, Delayne Martin, Katelyn Pankonin, Rachel Parsons, Laurel Reiss, Olivia Rhoades, Logan Roecker, Tori Sillman, Georgia Stawniak, Samantha Thomassen, Allyssa Thorne, Ariel Thorne, Derick Vogt, Sarah Warga, Abigail Wehrbein. Clover Kids and first year members were recognized with first year pins.

Clubs recognized for Community Service and receiving medals were: 4-H Believers, Cass County Creative Cats, Cass County Lamb Kids, CC Explorers, Conestoga Clovers, Country Crickets, Fairland Giants, Kingdom Kids, Nehawka Swine, Plattsmouth Diversity, Stove Creek Rustlers, Tomorrow's Producers, Triple B, Weeping Water Whiz  Kidz, 4-H Western Feeders. Clubs of Excellence Award winners receiving medals were as follows.  Gold:  Country Crickets and Triple B; Silver: 4-H Believers, 4-H Western Feeders, Cass County Creative Cats, Conestoga Clovers, Kingdom Kids, Nehawka Swine, Plattsmouth Diversity, Tomorrow's Producers.  Bronze: Fairland Giants, Stove Creek Rustlers, Weeping Water Whiz Kidz. Honorable Mention: Bridle & Saddle, Cass County Lamb Kids, CC Explorers, Crazy Canine Critters, Creative Kids,  Dancerettes,  E.M. 4-H Shooting Sports, Greenwood Riders, Hare Raisers, Kick 'N' Spurs,   Manley Merry Milkers,  Pleasant Ridge 49ers, Southern Cass Sowers.

Top county and state 4-H judging contest team members were recognized.
? Denotes top four county division judges.
* Denotes state team members.

Livestock:   Marcy Heim*,  JJ Bockman, Cory Schlichtemeier*,  Kalby Wehrbein,  Hoyt Kraeger*,  Abby Wehrbein*,  Josh Wehrbein, Katie Thoms*, Layne Lambert*,  Reed Kraeger*, Savannah Schafer*, Wade Sexton*, Taylor Heim, Cody Lambert, Gage Kraeger,  Matt Morton.  Horse: Dana Hansen, Jordan West, Kara Bramhall, Jessica Branson, John Ostrander, Jordan Beck, Michaela Horn, Dylan Sohl.  Life Challenge:  Brenna Backemeyer*,  Lauren Sparks*, Elizabeth Rice*, Jennie Allen*, Marie Bolin*,  Sheridan Spohr*, Savannah Schafer*, Austin Hawks, Whitney Koehn, Ellen Rice, Emily Zakaras.

Cass County 4-H was recognized for receiving 1st Place Small Group Dairy Herdsmanship and Large Group Reserve Champion Swine Herdsmanship at state fair.

Nehawka Swine 4-H Club was recognized for celebrating 65 years as a 4-H club in 2009.

High Point Award winners, (General 4-H with Animals) in first place receiving trophies were Dustin Knabe (Sr), Savannah Schafer (Int), Whitney Koehn (Jr). Receiving second place silver medals were Micah Bolin (Sr), Michaela Horn (Int), Erwin Thakur (Jr). Third place bronze medal winners were Matt Griffin (Int), Noah Bolin (Jr).  Fourth place bronze medal winners were Nicolette Larsen (Int), Jonah Bolin (Jr).

High Point Award Winners (General 4-H or Animals) in first place receiving trophies were Shane Hennessy (Sr), K. Parriott (Int), Jacqueline Parriott (Jr). Receiving second place Silver Medals were Jennie Allen (Sr), Maddie Hardesty (Int), MaKayla Parriott (Jr).  Third place Bronze Medal winners were Sheridan Spohr (Int), Justin Hennessy (Jr).  Fourth place Bronze Medal winners were Kyle Bogatz (Int), Mary DeGraff (Jr.).  The overall High Point winner was Savannah Schafer with 446 points.

Non-traditional Award winners were: Camp of Choice Awards:  Delaney Bright and Autumn Hardesty; Choice of Event Camp Awards: K. and MaKayla Parriott.  Trophies were awarded in the following areas:   Rookie of the Year Award: Austin Hawks; 4-H Flop Award: Josh Bogatz;  Hardship Award: Emily Zakaras;  Most Memorable 4-H Experience Award:  Matt Griffin; Outstanding Citizenship Award: Dustin Knabe; Kid of Character Award:  Dustin Knabe; Outstanding Leadership Award: Dustin Knabe; Outstanding Jr. 4-H Member Award:  Whitney Koehn;  Outstanding Intermediate 4-H Member Award:  Savannah Schafer:  Outstanding Sr. 4-H Member Award: Dustin Knabe.  Youth applying for non-traditional awards also won choice of prizes.

Diamond Clover Award Winners receiving First Level Amethyst pins:  Brenna Backemeyer, Riley Backemeyer, Adrianna Baker, Tristen Baker, Jonah Bolin, Micah Bolin, Noah Bolin, Delaney Bright, Mary DeGraff, Becca Dillon, Katie Dillon, Mitch Dillon, Sarah Dillon, Austin Hawks, Deanna Hill, Elizabeth Kolesik, Ryan Lane, Samantha Lane, Dalton Nickels, Jessica Rich, Sheridan Spohr, Rebecca Taylor, John Willey, Julie Zurek, Morgan Zurek. Receiving Second Level Aquamarine pins:  Brenna Backemeyer, Adrianna Baker, Tristen Baker, Jonah Bolin, Micah Bolin, Noah Bolin, Becca Dillon, Megan Hawks, Whitney Koehn, Samantha Lane, Sheridan Spohr, Emily Zakaras. Receiving Third Level Ruby pins: Cheyenne Ackman, Adrianna Baker, Jonah Bolin, Micah Bolin, Noah Bolin, Matt Griffin, Daniel Hill, Whitney Koehn, Savannah Schafer, Erwin Thakur, Emily Zakaras. Receiving a Fourth Year Sapphire pin: Micah Bolin. Receiving Fifth Year Emerald pins: Allison Harm and Dustin Knabe.  Receiving the 6th Year Diamond pin:  Jennie Allen.

Current 4-H Council Members were recognized: Jennie Allen, Marcy Heim, Shane Hennessy, Dustin Knabe, Delayne Martin, Jill McLaughlin, Cory Schlichtemeier, Abby Wehrbein, Kalby Wehrbein,  Dennis Heim, Debbie Hennessy, Dave Knabe, Lynn Dowding, Kim Griffin, Stephanie Schafer, Linda Sparks, Gary Stander, Renee Thakur.

Outgoing 4-H Council Members recognized for service were: Jennie Allen, Marcy Heim, Shane Hennessy, Dustin Knabe, Delayne Martin, Jill McLaughlin, Cory Schlichtemeier, Abigail Wehrbein,  Kalby Wehrbein, Deb Hennessy, Linda Sparks, and Gary Stander.

New 4-H Council members elected for 2010 include adult members Deb Hennessy, Linda Sparks, Gary Stander; and youth members Alex Abbott, Micah Bolin, Josh Bogatz, Jessica Branson, Allison Harm, Shane Hennessy, DeLayne Martin, Jill McLaughlin, and Lauren Sparks.

Guest speaker Laura Weatherby from the Health and Human Services Department thanked Cass County 4-H members for their community service donations and shared stories of where the items go and how appreciative the recipients are to receive them.

Receiving 4-H Council camp scholarships in a drawing were Alex Abbott and Whitney Koehn.

Danie Parriott was the lucky winner of the door prize for guessing closest to the number of candy bars in the prize tote bag.


Annette Dougherty, below,  was named the 2009 Outstanding 4-H Leader:


4-H leaders recognized included, below,  (L to R) Brenda Klingforth, James Parriott, Rita Parriott, Karey Koehn, Denise Horn... (all 5 years), John Knabe (55 years), and Lynn Dowding (35 years)


Dustin Knabe and Jennie Allen, below,  were recognized for 4-H Gold Membership...18 years old 4-H age and 12 years or more of 4-H membership.


High Point winners recognized below include, (L to R, front) Shane Hennessy, Kyle Bogatz, Matt Griffin, Jacqueline' Parriott, Michaela Horn; (L to R, back) Dustin Knabe, Jennie Allen, Justin Hennessy, MaKayla Parriott, Maddie Hardesty, K. Parriott, Whitney Koehn.


Non-traditional award winners recognized below include (L to R, front) Matt Griffin, Whitney Koehn, Austin Hawks, Delaney Bright, Autumn Hardesty; (L to R, back) Dustin Knabe, Josh Bogatz, K. Parriott, MaKayla Parriott, Emily Zakaras.


Diamond Clover award winners recognized below include: (above, L to R, front) Mary DeGraff, Dalton Nickels, Austin Hawks, Riley Backemeyer, Delaney Bright; (L to R, middle) Elizabeth Kolesik, Matt Griffin, Brenna Backemeyer, John Willey, Megan Hawks, Whitney Koehn; (L to R, back) Jennie Allen, Dustin Knabe, Allison Harm, Noah Bolin, Jonah Bolin, Micah Bolin, Emily Zakaras.



In conjunction with the annual Cass County 4-H Achievement Party, Jennie Allen, member of the Country Crickets 4-H Club, was recognized and honored for receiving the highest level 4-H Diamond Clover Award with a Diamond pin, award plaque and $100 in award money sponsored by the Cass County 4-H Council.  Jennie achieved the required 8 out of 14 accomplishments and conducted a Service-Learning Project equivalent to the Boy Scout Eagle Scout Award. Her project involved re-designing the Louisville Riverview Cemetery Flag Pole Garden and received final approval from the local county review committee and state Nebraska 4-H Program Administrator. Jennie is one of the first recipients of this award in the state. Following awards, she presented a power point presentation of her project.  Jennie is the daughter of Doug and Linda Allen of Louisville.


Pictured above:  L to R - Clete Petrazelka, Louisville City Council member;  Jennie Allen, 4-H Diamond Clover Award recipient;  Don Gray, 4-H Diamond Clover Review Committee member.

(Contributed by Diane Mayfield, Cass County Extension)













The Lofte takes great pride in utilizing the performing arts to give young people self-confidence and public speaking skills.  In that tradition, the Lofte is preparing to host not one, not two, but three diffferent high school one-act play competitions this fall!  In recent years, the Lofte has become a popular location for these types of competitions.  Its central location, friendly volunteers and authentic theater environment are three reasons why school administrators keep coming back. 

All competitions are open to the public.

In general, the competition days begin around 9am.

Schools will take turns performing a 30 minute piece, then there is a 15 minute break to allow for set changes and judges critique.

The competition will last all day.

Concessions will be available for purchase throughout the day with tables and seating in the lobby.

Below is a list of competition dates and the schools that will be participating.

Wednesday, November 18th - ECNC Conference

East Butler
Johnson County Central
Weeping Water

Monday, November 23rd - Capitol Conference:

DC West
Fort Calhoun
Raymond Central

Wednesday, December 2nd - District C1-1:

Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer
Johnson County Central
Lourdes Central Catholic
Tri County

The Lofte Community Theatre is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization supported in part by The Cooper Foundation, The Midlands Community Foundation, and the Cass County Visitors Promotion Committee.  The Lofte Community Theatre is dedicated to providing opportunities for area residents of all ages to participate in the creation process and companionship of live theatre in rural Nebraska and to enjoy the social, artistic, and educational benefits of this art form.











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