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Murray Newsletter - December 30, 2009

You Wished for a White Christmas, Didn't You?



Well, Be Careful What You Wish For!

Christmas 2009 came to us all here in Murray on the frosty breath of Old Man Winter, along with his fickle spouse, Mother Nature. The way those two left us was somewhat like the big stray dog who wanders through the neighborhood and leaves 'surprises' for us to remember him by. It's my hope that the old married couple mentioned above didn't interfere too much with your plans to gather with your family and friends, although they did stick their big, fat noses into our business!

Our 'kids', were to drive in from Denver last Wednesday, spending the holidays with, not only us, but more family and friends in Nebraska City. However, thanks to the two, previously-mentioned old party-poopers, we all kept the phone lines between here and Denver busy with weather updates - freezing rain and drizzle was expected one day, then snow, snow, and more snow, with wind, more wind and windier wind, creating blizzard-like conditions for the next couple of days. We were all telling the younger of the two couples to stay in Denver till this stuff blows through. Trouble was, the snow and ice just didn't want to blow through and leave, but just kept circling round and round, just like that old stray dog.
What the.....?  You can leave, now.

December 25th arrived, so plans were carried through, although somewhat altered from the original layout. Cardboard boxes, bright wrapping paper and ribbons had trash bins at the curbs bulging and overflowing. Gifts were scattered through the house, some still in their original packaging, while others were gobbled up, played with, worn, watched, used or tucked away for safe keeping.

On Saturday, the day after Christmas, the kids checked the weather maps once more and decided to start out for Nebraska, because it looked safer, since the nasty old couple had finally split. Setting out, the kids had smooth sailing for most of the trip - at least till they got to Grand Island. There they saw exactly what we'd been talking about...the mean old pair was back around again with blowing snow and ice, forcing trucks to jack-knife in the road and causing cars to slide all over...what a mess! The kids stopped to get a room before driving the remaining 2-3 hours, which was a wise sense driving in that stuff at night, right?

Next morning, Kate called and said, 'Hey, Mom, we're in Lincoln, but don't know which way would be better, Church Road to Highway 50 or Highway 34'. (Uh, I didn't know, because I'd been in this house since last Tuesday evening.) I told her to call Dad, because he had to go to work and usually takes Highway 50. But that day, he told her he didn't carpool with friends, so he went up 75 to I-80 and he didn't know how the other roads were. They decided to bring 34.

An average forty-five-minute drive turned into about an hour and forty minutes, by the time they finally pulled into our driveway. What a ride!  Okay, I know that angry old couple will be back again, but what a relief for the rest of us...the kids were here now...and that's all that mattered. After their long drive they came in feeling like they, too, had been beaten, worn and used, but they were still in their original packaging and ready to be tucked away for safe keeping with those who love them most.
Their safe arrival was definitely our favorite Christmas gift.

Stuck in a Rut


Did you ever just feel like you're stuck in a rut and you're just hoping the right person will come along to help?!




Reminders -

Conestoga District 56 Schools are back in session on Tuesday, January 5, 2010.

Also, that same evening, JV and Varsity Girls and Boys have basketball games at Platteview.


Now, that's some weather to talk about!  When I was a kid, some 50+ years ago, this is the kind of snow we would get each winter.....or was it? I'm wondering, did snow just seem that deep, because I was much shorter and everything looked bigger? Or were all those pictures Mom took of us in those white, fluffy mounds of drifts around our house, because it was unusual, so photos were called for? The plows would go through Nehawka's main street and push all the snow to the middle of the road and 'doorways' were cut through, so you could go from one side of the street to the other. Mom had pictures of my brother and me sitting up on these huge snow mountains that seemed to be 8-10 feet least to a couple of 6 and 9-year-old kids.

There was also a big hill, just southwest of the school building that the town would block off for the kids to sled down. There would be scads of us kids climbing the hill, pulling our sleds, as others would go flying down quick as a flash! What fun that was, spending whole weekend afternoons on that hill with all of our friends and we couldn't wait during the week, to get home from school, change out of our 'school clothes' and go sledding!

Afterwards, we'd go home, pull off our soaking wet mittens, two or three layers of corduroy pants, soggy stocking caps, and dripping snow boots and spread them out on the floor heat registers to dry. A warm bath was followed by eating a hot supper, sitting at the table in our pj's. We were soon snug in our beds, with layers of quilts and the fuzzy chenille spread pulled up to our nostrils, ready to dream of the next day when we could go out and do it all over again. Ah, those were the days!

Hooray!! At the December Murray Village Board meeting, members voted in favor of closing off Park Street, the street running east and west parallel to Young Memorial Park, just for the enjoyment of those who want to sled. Barricades will be put up at the east end of Park Street, showing those in motorized vehicles that it's 'off limits' to them during these times. You can start up at the top of the hill, behind the tennis courts and have the whole street to go down. So, if you want to go sledding, gather some friends and head over to Young Memorial Park in Murray and have some fun!


Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year celebration!


Take responsibility for your actions.
Planning to drink?  Remember to get a
designated driver if you do.


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