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Murray Newsletter - February 3, 2010


On Thursday evening, January 28th, the Conestoga Post-Prom Committee provided a spaghetti dinner at the Jr-Sr High School.  The donation asked for each meal was just $5.00, which included, not only spaghetti and meatballs, but salad, garlic bread, a drink and dessert, too. The length of the line would grow, then shrink, then grow again, as it made its' way through the kitchen and out to the commons area with plates of food.

The terrific turn-out should help the committee to sponsor a great party for the kids after their prom!  Thanks to everyone for your support!


Above, the line is becoming quite long as everyone arrived,  looking forward to a hot meal and some good basketball.

Below, diners are relaxing and enjoying their meal before heading into the gym.







Cass County Museum opened two new temporary exhibits during January. The annual Valentine exhibit contains 132 Valentines ranging in date from the 1880s to the 1950s. Many are on view for the first time, having been donated in the past year by Neil Lancaster and FloraBelle Wehrbein.

"Strike up the Band", an exhibit of Cass County Bands from 1883 to 1910, is also on display. The photographs include bands from the MWA, Burlington shops, Wabash, Plattsmouth, and Murdock.

Both exhibits run through March 6.


The museum's Brown Bag series begins Tuesday, February 9, with a program by Dan Reis on Photo Conservation.
Cass County Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. For additional information, call the museum 296-4770.


Should YOU Get in the 'No-Phone Zone'?

When you live in a somewhat 'rural' area, you can spend a lot of time on the road just driving to work, shopping or taking kids to and from school events.   You can easily spend up to 2-3 hours each day in your car.  I used to love that quiet 25-30 minute driving time, (one way),  when I worked at Offutt.  I'd keep the radio off and could 'gear myself up' for the day on the the way to work, then 'wind down' on the way home.

Several years ago, my kids tried to talk me into getting a cell phone, but I was reluctant.  'I can make any calls I need to make before I leave the house', was my argument, and 'why in the world would I want another phone bill, anyway?'  Of course, they were only to be used for emergencies and eventually I reasoned that it was a very practical thing to do, especially when I usually had my elderly mother and young grandson with me.

Before leaving the house, I'd turn the phone on, put it in my purse, then buckle my seat belt through the strap on my purse, thinking that - God forbid - if I'd be in an accident, my purse with my phone would be right there with me, not thrown far from reach and, hopefully,  I'd be able to use it to call for help.

Well, one time, my car vapor locked in 95+ heat and my 2-year-old grandson was in the car with me.  Luckily, I coasted to the side of the road, called for someone to pick us up and had the car towed.  What a good idea to get that phone!   And - had I not had that phone 4 years ago, I probably wouldn't be sitting here writing this now.  It was Thanksgiving Day and my husband, Mike, and I were going to my aunt and uncle's house in Lincoln.  Out in the country, going down the highway, we were broad-sided by a guy in a pick-up who ran a stop sign.  We were spun around and thrown in a ditch, facing the opposite direction. It was a miracle that I was not seriously injured,  but Mike was leaned forward into the inflated air bag, his eyes wide open, not blinking, blood running down his face.  Horror ran through me, as I thought my big, strong, loving husband was gone. I saw fire hitting my window that was coming from under the car and I still couldn't get Mike to respond to me, but because of that phone, secured in my purse with my seatbelt, help was on the way.  Thankfully, that little technological gadget  was our lifesaver when we needed it the most - exactly what I'd gotten it for - an emergency.

Soon, though, the phone had become more of a convenience, rather than just a necessity.  If I'd forgotten something, I'd call back home with a simple request to 'look at the grocery list on the fridge' or if I wanted to tell my family or a friend something, I'd call them right at that moment, as I was driving down the highway.  I'd even call Mike or Trish, my daughter,  and ask if they'd mind stopping at the store to pick up something on the way home.  They would call home, too, just to say, 'I'm on my way home.  Is there anything you need?'

Soon, my driving times were no longer quiet.  A couple of months ago, I asked myself, 'What call is so important that it cannot wait till I get home?   Can I not wait to get to a parking spot before returning that call?'   I'd started thinking, 'how did I manage before?'  Was my patience gone?

Then, last week I saw a show about texting and using cell phones while driving.  The guests on that show had all lost loved-ones due to the deadly habit of someone either texting or talking on cell phones while driving.  One little girl had been riding her bike and was only '15 pedals from home' when she was hit by a girl who was texting while driving.  Another young man had just left the house when his father had forgotten to tell him something.  He called his son's cell and just as he answered, the phone went silent.  The young man died suddenly when his car hit a tree - just as he was answering the phone for his dad's call.

When I asked Mike and Trish to watch the show, immediately we all agreed that we would no longer use our cell phones while driving, then we printed and signed the pledge in front of our grandson.  I've changed the out-going message on my phone to, 'I'm driving, now, but will return your call when I stop' and my phone will be on, but the ringer will be turned off while I'm driving from now on.

Please think twice before texting or talking on your cell phone while driving.  Would you want to live the rest of your life, regretting every day, because you  killed your best friend, a brother or sister, husband or wife, your parent or grandparent or anyone else -  just because you couldn't wait a few minutes?  Practice patience.  Make or take that call later.

For a real eye-opener, please go to the link below where you can take the Your Brain on Texting Quiz. You can also watch clips from the show and SIGN the PLEDGE.


These photos show why we were so thankful for my cell phone that Thanksgiving Day...for our REAL emergency:
















Just a reminder...

Conestoga District 56 Schools will be

in session this Monday, February 8th,

for a Snow Day make-up.







If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 402-339-4334 x201 or Officer Chad Reed at





'Letter to the Editor'

Have you been the unsuspecting recipient of a kind deed and want to challenge others to 'pay it forward' or is something just kind-of bugging you and you want to get it off your mind? Say it here!

We'd like for this 'forum' to be like a town hall meeting. You may address any topic, but please keep your comments age-appropriate, with no profanity or name-calling. In fairness to everybody, anonymous letters will not be published, so that everyone knows who is 'speaking' and can offer a response.

So voice your opinion here and proudly stand up for yourself, whether your opinion is popular - or not.

You're invited to send letters on any topic you'd like to address concerning life in our area to be published in our 'Letters to the Editor' column. Send to ' and in the subject line, please put 'Letter to the Editor'.

(You must be a 'verified' subscriber to the Newsletter to use this forum.)






On Monday, February 15,  the Cass County Relay for Life Kick-Off Open House will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the Plattsmouth State Bank Community Room.

All new and former team captains are encouraged to mark the date on the calendar, then attend, pick team captains and pick up the participant packets.

The Cass Relay always needs and wants new teams and participants to join in the Relay and help in the fight against cancer.  Existing teams are always looking for new members, so you might want to join one of these existing teams.   OR, if you and a friend or friends are wanting to form a new team, please have a representative attend this kick-off event.  Teams can have as many as 15 members.

The 2010 Relay will be on Saturday, June 26th, starting at 7pm at the Plattsmouth High School. Cass County will again be doing online registration and fundraising.   You can register your team  by going to and get your fundraising campaign going.

If you have any questions about the Relay or the Open House, please call either Denise Ayers at 235-3157 or Sharlyn Deterding at 296-3682.



American Cancer Society Daffodil Days 2010

Daffodil Days supports all of the invaluable programs and services that the American Cancer Society offers Cancer Patients and their families.

Please place orders for your daffodils now - the deadline is February 19th, with flowers to be delivered in March.

The flowers alone come in a bunch of 10 stems for $10 -
the signature "Boyd's Bear" with flowers is $25 -
and the teal colored signature vase alone, with no flowers, is $15.
Availability may be limited based on response, so place your orders as soon as possible.

Call the ACS Omaha Office at 402-393-5801 for ordering.

Please mention the Cass County Relay For Life as your source of this information and thank you for your support.

Cass County Relay For Life Planning Committee 2010





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'Unadilla Bill' Fights for Groundhog Pride

If any town wants to mount a challenge to Punxsutawney for having a
groundhog to hang its hat on, it's Unadilla, Neb.

Groundhog Day festivities become a major civic fundraiser and the town's
population more than doubles at the height of the celebration, according
to Bob Brandt, a charter organizer.

The local newspaper in Indiana, Pennsylvania ran the following story about the Unadilla festivities in last Sunday's paper:

For more of this story, click on or type the URL below:








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