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Murray Newsletter - March 24, 2010


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Problem A --
Middle Level- coached by Linda Sparks and Jen Hoshor, Received a First place
Members: Sam Sparks, Stephanie Hoshor, Matt Morton, Jacki Parriott, Zeke Rouse,
Whitney Todd and Mandi Jamison

Problem B--
Elementary Level- coached by Jenny Cook, Received a Third place
members: Sammy Cook, Jessica Williams, Dylan Mayfield, Derekk Sarvis, Buck Welch,
Jacob Drake, and Cooper Moore

Elementary Level- coached by Leota Noerrlinger and Wendy Lowe, received a Second place
members: Morgan Daffer, Taylor Barnes, Elizabeth Lowe, Grace Lowe, Hannah Lowe, Kiley Noerrlinger

Problem C --
Elementary Level- coached by Mark Weilage and Jen Hardesty, received a First place
members: Kaylyn Weilage, Autumn Hardesty, Tyler Sawyer, Adam Parette, Reagan Ruffner,
Maggie Headley and Dawson Hogue

Middle Level- coached by Heather Larson and Christal Bowman, received a Third place
members: Kylie Congdon, Erwin Thacker, Madison Abell, Alyssa Hobscheit,
Serena Hernandez and Neil Bock

Problem D --
Elementary Level- coached by Polly Costello and Ken Costello, received a Third place
members: Emily Bryant, Taylor Holliman, Tayler Kendall, Jenna Miner, Josie Ritzman

Problem E --
Middle Level- coached by James Parriott, received a Fifth place
members: K. Parriott, Madeline Cutler, Isabella Cutler, MaKayla Parriott, Megan Jamison

Middle Level- coached by Barb McKillip and Sheryl Hanssen, received a Second place
members: Arianna Erixson, Chris Hanssen, Dan Simmerman, and Riley Weber

Rising Stars--
Coached by Heather Ritzman
members: Kelsi Weilage, Braden Weilage, Isabella Hogue, Bobbi Ritzman, Jack Steckler,
Lorna Moynihan, Carri Colvert, Trace Widler, Mati Haizlip

Contributed by
Susan Rice
High-Ability Learner
Conestoga Public Schools





Conestoga Students to Europe are offering two fun filled camps for you to experience.
Each camp will include games and crafts so your child learns the language and cultures
of each country.

Snacks will be provided.

Spanish Day Camp (K-6) Saturday, March 27, 9-11am Conestoga High School
German Day Camp (K-6) Saturday, April 3, 1-3pm Conestoga High School

Please fill out the form below and return to the Elementary School by Friday, March 19th
with checks made out to Conestoga High School ('Students to Europe' in the memo section.)
German Camp Only ($10) _______
Spanish Camp Only ($10) _______
Both Camps ($15) _______
Printed Name of Parent/Guardian ________________________________________
Printed Name of Child to Attend ________________________________________
Grade of Child ___________________
PLEASE SPECIFY ANY SPECIAL NEEDS:______________________________________
During the activity, I (we) may be reached at:
Home Phone:_________________ Cell Phone:_______________
If I (we) cannot be reached in the event of an emergency, the following person is
authorized to act on my (our) behalf:

Home Phone:_________________ Cell Phone:________________
Relationship to participant:________________
Parent or Guardian Signature

Vicki E. Huskey
German and Spanish
Conestoga Jr.-Sr. High School
Murray, Nebraska






March 19, 2010, Lincoln- High school students are invited to take on the
role of state senators at the Unicameral Youth Legislature June 13-16 at the
State Capitol Building in Lincoln. This is an annual event, during which student
senators sponsor bills, conduct committee hearings, debate legislation and
discover the unique process of the nation's only unicameral legislature.

The Unicameral Youth Legislature gives behind-the-scenes access to students,
who have an interest in public office, government, politics, law, public policy,
debate or public speaking. Students learn about the inner workings of the legislature
directly from staff and senators. State senators often address the students at this
conference. I have participated twice. I really enjoyed the experiences, because the
young people who attended the event were so willing to learn and discuss new ideas.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Extension 4-H Youth Development Office
coordinates housing and recreational activities for the Unicameral Youth Legislature
as part of the Big Red Summer Camps program. The Legislature's web site provides
information and a video about the youth legislature at

If you have questions about the program, please contact the Unicameral Information Office
at 402-471-2788 or

The registration deadline for the 2010 Unicameral Youth Legislature is May 1.

The Nebraska Agricultural Youth Institute (NAYI) is celebrating its 39th anniversary in 2010. 
Every year the NAYI offers high school students an opportunity to learn about the agricultural 
industry, develop leadership skills, and practice critical thinking and decision-making at a 
summer program in Lincoln. This year the dates for the Institute are July 6-10.
The NAYI is coordinated and conducted by the Nebraska Agricultural Youth Council (NAYC). 
The Council includes 16 college-age men and women, who are selected to educate high school
students in Nebraska about the importance of the agricultural industry to our state.  I was pleased
to learn that two of this year's Council members are from Legislative District 2.  They are
Melissa Keyes from Springfield and Kalby Wehrbein from Plattsmouth.

Last year approximately 140 delegates attended the Institute. Knowledgeable speakers
motivated the delegates by discussing current agricultural issues and describing the many
opportunities the industry has to offer at the local, state, national and international levels.

If you are a high school junior or senior this year, the NAYI can provide you with an
opportunity to make a difference in agriculture. If you would like to be among the young leaders
chosen to attend the 2010 Institute, applications are now available on-line at
You can also request an application form or more information about this program by calling
402-471-6864 or by writing to Cody Dvorak at

Registration deadline for the 2010 Nebraska Agricultural Youth Institute is April 15.

I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to represent District 2 in the Nebraska Legislature.

We welcome your contacts by mail, phone or email.

Senator Dave Pankonin 
State Capitol
PO Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
(402) 471-2613



An original Living Last Supper will be presented Holy thursday,
April 1, 2010, at First Congregational Church in Weeping Water
at 7:30 p.m.

The original script, written by Pastor Mary McQueen, uses three
readers (one you regularly see at Loft Theater productions,) and
depicts Jesus actually washing the feet of the disciples. As each
disciple enters, the readers tell the story of their calling to be a
disciple and their life after Jesus is crucified.

The script was first written by Pastor Mary when she and her
husband were working in The Church Within the Walls ministry
in the South Dakota High Security Men's Penitentiary. They wanted
to present the story of Jesus last night on earth, using the inmates
as the disciples. They were allowed only one hour to enter the prison,
put on the presentation, serve communion, and leave. So Pastor Mary
(who has published several books and articles on teaching the Bible
in creative ways,) wrote the script to allow for readers from the outside.
A Jesus and Judas were brought in from the "outside" as well.

Pastor Mary says, "The first time we presented the Living Last supper,
God blessed us in many ways. We brought "Jesus" (a man named Jim)
from the "outside." The inmates volunteered anonymously. As Jesus
(Jim) waited at the front of the auditorium with his arms outstretched,
welcoming the first "disciple," we all realized that the inmate playing
the part of Peter was the man who had murdered Jim (Jesus) neighbor
girl. Jim said he had prayed to minister to these men, and for a second
his arms faltered as he kept them open in welcome for the man. About
halfway down the center aisle, the man recognized Jim, and his steps
faltered briefly, but as he saw Jim welcoming him in love, he walked on
down, embraced Jesus, and sat down for Jesus to wash his feet.

"At times like these," Pastor Mary writes, "we all are reminded that
we are all merely sinners living in the grace of God's forgiveness. I
don't think any one of us were able to control tears for the rest of the
production. Every time we present this script, God has blessed us
in many ways."

"Jesus" for this presentation is another of the Lofte actors whom most
will recognize.  "Jesus" will begin Holy Week at FCCUCC on Palm
Sunday, when he will lead the children into the sanctuary to the words
of "The King is Coming!" as he walks down the aisle to pick up his
"crown of thorns" for later in the week.

There is no charge for the production, though persons are asked to
bring a can of food to donate to needy families at Easter.

Everyone is welcome.





Auditions at Lofte Community Theatre

The Lofte Community Theatre in Manley
will be holding auditions for "Heaven Can Wait" on April 5 and 6 at 7pm.
There are seven principal character parts available for men and women
ages 20 and up. Eleven minor parts are available for men and women
ages 18 and up. Everyone, including those with little or no theater
experience, are encouraged to participate.

"Heaven Can Wait" revolves around the young boxer-in-training, Joe Pendleton
who refuses to admit that he is dead. After checking the records, his escort
Mr. Jordan discovers that Joe is right. He's not supposed to arrive for 60 more
years. After his manager cremates his body, Joe's spirit is forced to find a home
within the wealthy Jonathan Farnsworth who is about to be murdered by his wife.
Several good parts available.

Lofte Artistic Director, Kevin Colbert states that auditions will consist of cold
readings from the script. No advance preparation is necessary. Performance
dates are May 28-30, June 4-6 and 10-13. More details in regards to the show
and the cast list can be found on the Lofte's website,

The Lofte Community Theatre is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization
supported in part by The Cooper Foundation, The Midlands Community Foundation,
and the Cass County Visitors Promotion Committee. The Lofte Community Theatre
is dedicated to providing opportunities for area residents of all ages to participate in
the creation process and companionship of live theatre in rural Nebraska and to enjoy
the social, artistic, and educational benefits of this art form.








School House Rock Dinner Theater

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Conestoga Jr-Sr High School
in the "Commons" area

5:45pm - 6:45pm

Dinner before the Show:
Lasagna, Salad, Bread and drink
$5.00 per person
Proceeds go to the Nehawka Angels Tournament Team

Showtime 7:00pm
Show admission only:
Adults $6
Kids: $3
Bake Sale at Intermission







Survivors R Us Team

is sponsoring a Pancake Breakfast at

Plattsmouth Keno

Sunday, March 28, 2010

from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Minimum $5.00 per person donation is requested for all you can eat
pancakes, sausage, juice & coffee

Proceeds to benefit the Cass County Relay For Life

Please join us - mark your calendars - Relay is Saturday, June 26, 2010
visit our web site or call 402-393-5801 for more information.





Petfinder and The Animal Rescue Site

are running a contest to vote for Animal Shelters.

They are giving various amounts of money to those receiving the most votes.

PLEASE - Go to and click on the "Click Here To Give - It's Free" button.  (When you do this you'll be giving free food to animals at many shelters!)

Now you'll get a message "Thank you your click has been counted!"

On the top of the screen - "Help your favorite animal shelter win a prize!"

Click the "Vote Today" Button

The first time you vote you will need to enter all the information -

Shelter name: Plattsmouth Animal Shelter
Country: USA
State: Nebraska
City: Plattsmouth
Click on "search"

It will locate the shelter and display the name and location - when it does click "VOTE"

One more step ...... Confirm your vote (name the animal) and you're done.

After you do this the first time, you can save it in your favorites (it will retain all the shelter info) and the voting is much quicker the next time!

IMPORTANT: Please remember to vote every day and help us gain on the leaders - thanks!


The other fund raiser is with "Pet Enthusiast" Magazine.

Happy Paws is offering subscriptions to "Pet Enthusiast" Magazine for $24.00/year. 
Of that $24.99, Plattsmouth animal Shelter will get $5.00.

This will help us support the shelter by providing for all the daily needs of our shelter pets.
It also offers the financial support for Vet care for sick or injured pets and without it the
shelter would not survive.

Every single donation is very important to Happy Paws and the shelter. Without the
support of many concerned citizens, the shelter would be "out of business" and the
animals would go to the Nebraska Humane Society.  Depending on the space
availability there, the animal's life, sadly,  could end in euthanasia.

Ordering is simple! Just go to, then click on the banner
at the top that says "Subscription Fundraiser" -  it's fast and easy to do.  Be sure
to click on the down arrow to highlight Plattsmouth Animal Shelter when ordering
so we get credit for your order!

Thank you for your support.



Wednesday March 24, Kindergarden Roundup

Thru March 26, RECYCLE @ Bvr Lake Amoco
(For Murray Village Residents, the bin is still at Town Hall, also)

Thursday, March 25, Dare Skating Party

Friday, March 26, Girls' Soccer @ Seward

Friday & Sat, March 26 & 27, Dinner Theater @ Conestoga

Saturday, March 27, Spanish Day Camp

Monday, March 29, Send info to Editor for Murray Newsletter

Tuesday, March 30, Boys & Girls Track @ Yutan

Tuesday, March 30, JV Boys & Girls Soccer @ Omaha

Wednesday, March 31, Cub Scouts Blue & Gold Banquet

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