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Murray Newsletter - March 31, 2010


Happy Easter!!

Happy Spring!!

Happy, Happy


The 2010 Census and Why You Should WANT to be Counted

Do you ever feel that you just don't count?  You shouldn't feel that way.  If you have not sent in your census form yet, NOW is the time, so get on the ball!  It's REQUIRED BY LAW that you do so and it's very simple to do.

Don't worry - your answers will NOT be shared with anyone.  All of your answers are kept confidential and the Census Bureau is prohibited from giving out any information that can identify you or anyone in your household.  Even law enforcement, tax and bill collectors CANNOT receive any information about you from the census.

Your answers are very important for you and your neighborhood or area.  When everyone in the country is counted, the numbers help determine the amount of money that your area receives from the government.  The money received is used for roads, the elderly, children's services, medical needs, (such as how big of a hospital is needed), and other necessities.

If you don't return the completed census form, a census worker might come directly to your home to ask the same questions of you personally that you could have easily answered and mailed in.   Why have the government pay someone to come to your home when the money is needed for other things? You don't even have to buy a stamp!  Just make sure the bar code shows in the window of the envelope you received.

The census form that you received in the mail should have NO questions asking for your social security number or any financial information.  If you have received such a form, it is a hoax and you need to contact law enforcement right away.

So don't hold back...BE COUNTED!

The official U.S. government census website is


On Friday evening, March 19, 2010, the Conestoga Music Department, led by music director, Dwight Rose,  put on another wonderful concert, their 3rd for this school year.

Junior High Chorus started the night with 'Witch Doctor', a medley of American folk songs, such as 'Cindy, 'Simple Gifts' and 'Pick a Bail of Cotton', then the 'Book Bag Boogie'.

The Senior High Chorus followed with 'Seasons of Love' from the musical 'Rent', Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Pie Jesu', 'Viva la Vida' , (from rock band Coldplay) and 'Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying'.

Next, the Junior High Band demonstrated their skills with 'Knights of the Realm', 'Tempest' and 'Caprice'.

The Senior High Band showed off their talents with 'Rogue River Rhapsody', theme from the Pixar movie the Incredibles and last, they lined up on the edge of the stage with new galvanized buckets and tapped out 'Lids'.

The Grand Finale of the night was a combined effort from students, staff and administration members for the old rock group Styx song 'Come Sail Away'.




Saturday, April 3rd

Murray-Beaver Lake Lions Club

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Tyson Park


So hop on over to Tyson Park for some fun!
(You don't have to be a member of the Lions Club for your kids to participate.)





Conestoga Track Schedule

High School:

3/30 @ Yutan 3:00
4/6 @ JCC 10:00
4/13 @ Yutan 1:00
4/20 @ Syracuse 10:00
4/20 @ Plattsmouth (Cougar Invite) @ 10:00
4/22 @ Platteview 2:30
5/1 @ Yutan (ECNC) 9:00
5/7 @ JCC 9:00
5/13 Districts

Junior High:

4/15 @ Platteview (Conestoga Invite) 2:00
4/22 @ Plattsmouth MS (Conestoga Invite) 2:00
4/24 @ Fort Calhoun 10:00
4/29 @ JCC 4:00
5/4 @ Yutan 1:30
5/12 @ Malcolm (ECNC) 9:00


First Christian Church 2010 Concert Series

One Voice from Kansas City
April 3, Saturday

Free Admission w/ Love offering taken

Weeping Water First Christian Church 2010 Concert Series starts with an awesome concert on April 3, Saturday at 7PM featuring One Voice.  Since it's humble beginnings as a church duet in 1995, One Voice has always had as it's goal to share the gospel of Christ through song.  Over the years, that goal has been met over and over as hundreds have chosen Christ as Savior through this ministry, and thousands of others have been blessed through the music of One Voice.

Realizing that their ministry is not just to the congregations, One Voice has as a major goal to uplift and encourage pastors all over the United States and abroad.  As the song says, if "just one more soul were to walk down the aisle," it would be worth every effort made on that behalf.  Our pastors need support, and the guys are determined to do just that.

The guys see their mission as just that, missions.  Musical missions.  Hearts can truly be inspired, uplifted, and changed through music.  The guys don't take this responsibility lightly, and they choose their music carefully because of that understanding.  The power of music is truly awesome, and God sets great store by it. One Voice from Kansas City area have deep roots in Southern Gospel, and it comes out in their traditional Southern Gospel style. The concert is free admission and will be located at the First Christian Church, 306 W. H St. with a love offering taken for the ministry. For more information contact 402-269-5508 or

The New Conestoga Cheer Squad for next year is-

Shannon King, Paige Price, Kirsten Clawson, Lindsey Drake, Kate Nutzman, Miranda Sawyer, Chelsie Topliff, Jamie Johnson, Lexi Hoshor, and Liz Rice.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Conestoga Cheerleaders Will be Serving

Coffee, Donuts, and Juice

at the Easter Egg Hunt in Murray

on April 3rd

Free-will donations accepted and appreciated!

Thank You!


The Cheerleaders are also busy with a Yankee Candle fundraiser until April 8th to earn money for cheer camp. Think Mother's Day, birthdays, weddings or graduations!

If your would like to order, e-mail 'Gretchen' at  or call 235-2820.

Thanks, again!!








Traveling along on just about any unpaved country road almost always guarantees a bumpy ride, regardless of what the weather is, but when you head out onto a paved-surface road, you expect the ride to be, for the most part, smooth and easy going.

Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case this Spring.  A record winter has taken its' toll on the highways and road crews trying to keep up with their maintenance.  Potholes so deep they almost reach China are all along the highways and our daughter's car was the recipient of some damage, due to one of these craters.

A couple of weeks ago she hit a huge hole on Highway 75 just south of JRC's in LaPlatte.  It was raining and dark, but when she hit, she said she was sure the bottom of her Honda Civic hit, too.  She was able to get home okay, but upon arriving, found that her wheel cover and rim were in bad shape.  The repair shop also informed her that the electronic tire warning sensor would also have to be replaced.  She was without her car the whole next day, but at least only the car needed repairs and she wasn't injured.

You'll have to drive like you're on an obstacle course until the road crews get them back into decent shape, so be patient.  They have their work cut out for them this year!







Vote Could Impact the State Budget

March 26, 2010, Lincoln- This month the legislature made further adjustments to the 2009-2011 state budget and continued discussions about the financial challenges Nebraska will face during the next two-year budget cycle.

Last year the Appropriations Committee made extensive use of federal stimulus funds to create the 2009-2011 state budget. Despite the initial conservative approach to crafting the new budget, continuing declines in state revenue required additional changes to be made. During the budget-cutting special session in November, the legislature approved a five percent cut for most state agencies. An additional two percent across-the-board cut was made this month, with the knowledge that by next year, these cuts alone will not be enough to balance the 2011-2013 budget. With predictions of a $675 million and possibly up to a $1 billion deficit, the legislature will have to look at more and deeper spending cuts, and transferring money from the cash reserve fund. In order to address such an unprecedented shortfall, policy makers and citizens alike will have to become more creative in their thinking about how to reduce state spending and generate more revenue.

One example of this type of creative thinking is LR 284CA, offered this session by Hastings Senator Dennis Utter. This proposed constitutional amendment would eliminate the state treasurer's office. Why, you might ask, should this office, which has existed since 1855 before Nebraska became a state, be eliminated now? The answer is: money. Before introducing LR 284CA, Senator Utter's office confirmed that eliminating the state treasurer's office would result in a savings of about $3.4 million. While the office of the treasurer would be eliminated by this proposal, the duties that are now performed by the office would still be provided to the citizens of Nebraska. The duties would simply be transferred to other state agencies that already handle similar responsibilities.

In Nebraska the treasurer receives and disburses most of the money that comes into state government. The treasurer also deals with unclaimed property, administers the college savings program, handles child support collections and disbursements, and manages the state's long-term care savings plan. These duties would be transferred to other state agencies, such as the Departments of Revenue and Administrative Services. The directors of these departments have offered assurances to the legislature that they could assume these new duties without incurring additional costs.

LR 284CA would result in the elimination of at least four or five administrative positions and one elected position. Supporters say that the change would reduce duplication of services and save money. Opponents argue that it would remove a much-needed system of checks and balances over state funds, which is currently administered by a state official who is elected by the citizens of Nebraska. At least three previous attempts have been made to eliminate the state treasurer's office, but LR 284CA is the first proposal to be advanced by a committee for debate by the full legislature.

Several other states have eliminated their state treasurer's office. Nebraska is one of 37 states, in which the treasurer is elected by the voters. In the other states that have a treasurer, the individual who holds the office is elected or appointed by the state legislature, the governor or other designated officials.

LR 284CA has advanced to the third and final round of legislative debate. After its passage LR 284CA will become a proposed constitutional amendment to be placed on the November general election ballot. It will be approved or rejected by the citizens of Nebraska. If it is approved a four-year window of time will be allowed for the transfer of duties to other state agencies. The candidate who is elected in November to serve a four-year term as the state treasurer will be charged with the responsibility of overseeing the transfer of the duties of the office before his term in office ends.

Your vote on this important issue represents an opportunity for you to have a voice in shaping our state government and future state budgets. 

I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to represent District 2 in the Nebraska Legislature.

We welcome your contacts by mail, phone or email.


Senator Dave Pankonin

State Capitol

PO Box 94604

Lincoln, NE 68509

(402) 471-2613



Bill G.

Helen S.

Don U.



Connor P.  (hope that wrist heals really fast!)


and sadly, CONDOLENCES to...

The Jerry Bailey Family




4/1  Boys Varsity Soccer @ Norris, 3pm / Girls 5pm


4/3  Easter Egg Hunt @ Tyson Park, 10 a.m.

4/3  German Day Camp, 1-3 p.m.



4/5  Girls Varsity Soccer@ Seward, 5:30

4/6  Boys/Girls Varsity Track @ Johnson Co. Invitationat 10 a.m.

4/8  Boys Varsity Soccer @ Nebraska City 6pm / Girls 4 p.m







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