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Murray Newsletter - April 21, 2010


THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2010!

This Thursday, join more than one billion people in over 190 countries,
by making a personal commitment toward keeping our planet safe and green
for generations to come.  Just make one promise to start using reusable shopping
bags, bringing your own coffee mug for refills, taking shorter showers or taking
a walk instead of driving your car for short errands.  There are numerous ways
you can start helping to improve our world.

Look into your children's or grandchildren's eyes.  Do you want them and your own
family's generations to enjoy a beautiful earth? 
Be an example to them and start NOW!  They'll follow your lead.




Event announcements and advertising can be an enormous expense when
you're wanting or needing to get the word out.  If you've checked into
regular newspaper pricing lately for such items, you'll know what I'm talking
about.  So why spend your hard-earned money, when you can accomplish
the same thing right here - FREE - on your local news website?

Below is a list of categories that will cost you absolutely nothing, except the
time it takes to submit it:

Wedding / Engagement AnnouncementsPhotos
Organization Events/ Updates
Birth Announcements
Anniversary Wishes
Letter to the Editor
Fundraiser Events
Birthday Greeting
Upcoming Events
Cards of Thanks
and MORE!

That's right!  These are all items that appear FREE of CHARGE
in each Wednesday's Murray Newsletter and/or Calendar!

All YOU have to do is send the information to us - it's that simple!

Deadline for submissions to each week's Wednesday Newsletter is
NO LATER THAN NOON on that week's MONDAY and it's so easy to submit
your news.

1.)  You may call your information to 402-235-2926,
Leave a voice mail with your name phone number.

2.)  Email your story to
No 'zip' files, please.

3.)  Send items via the U.S. postal service to:
201 N How Ave, Murray, NE, 68409-8403. 
(When mailing items you'd like to get back, please enclose a self-addressed,
stamped envelope.)

Remember to include 'who, what, when, where and why', along with any other helpful
details, such as a contact person and phone.

Thanks for helping to keep YOUR Murray Newsletter fresh and up-to-date!





A couple of years ago, at the age of just 42, Kris Johnson lost her
battle with lymphoma.

Kris' friends and family have formed a Relay For LifeTeam, Kris' Krew,
and will be hosting a fundraiser in her memory at the
Murray Presbyterian Church, Murray, NE, 
on Friday, April 23. 2010 from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM.

"The Waffle Man" will be serving all you can eat Belgian Waffles
with a variety of syrups, sausage and drinks for $5.00 per person.
Children age 4 and under eat free!

For additional information or directions please contact Melanie at

Proceeds to American Cancer Society Relay For Life.






Bill G.
Brenda H.
Tina O.
Helen S.
Bobby S.
Don U.
Roger W.













Conestoga Track Schedule

High School:

4/22 @ Platteview 2:30
5/1 @ Yutan (ECNC) 9:00
5/7 @ JCC 9:00
5/13 Districts

Junior High:

4/22 @ Plattsmouth MS (Conestoga Invite) 2:00
4/24 @ Fort Calhoun 10:00
4/29 @ JCC 4:00
5/4 @ Yutan 1:30
5/12 @ Malcolm (ECNC) 9:00

The Jr-High had their first track meet last Thursday at Platteview.

Below are a few photos of the kids...













Just in time for Mother's Day, Graduation & Spring planting

Hanging baskets

Friday, May 7, 2010

7:30am - 6:00pm

Conestoga Elementary
Murray, NE

Great quality & variety provided by
The Plantman Nursery
Nehawka, NE

Proceeds help support Conestoga's Destination Imagination Teams

Thank You!!




The Elementary Spring Carnival was held last Friday night. 
Here are a few shots of the fun!













In 1855, when the infant child of William Young died, a cemetery was
begun.   The Young family lived in Rock Bluff and had formed the first school
there, in their own log cabin home.  Later, the Rock Bluff School House
was built.  Many years after, the little log cabin home/school was dismantled
and moved to the cemetery site on the hill.  Now, descendants of the Young
family, Sandra Allgeier and Jeanie Brookhouser, are asking for help in restoring
the roof of this tiny historical log cabin.  Their Aunt Lena, was once a teacher
and her little brother, Rex Young, one of her students, in the little school.


In the late 1930's or early 1940's, the little cabin was starting to be 'rebuilt' by the
National Youth Association. The NYA was formed during the Great Depression
to help provide work for young farm men.  They had little to do, because of the
severe devastation of their crops due to drought conditions.  The cabin work
was completed in early 1941 and by that December, the United States was at
war.  The NYA was no longer necessary, as the young men had a much greater
job to do in the military.  Time sheets, receipts for materials and documentation,
in the form of letters to and from the NYA, contain familiar
Cass County names of young men working there at the time.


In 2004, the reestablished log cabin was put on the National Registry of
Historic Buildings, because of its' long history.  After 70 long years, sadly, the
rebuilt cabin is in need of a roof repair.  Falling limbs have made holes in the
deteriorating wooden-shingled roof.  An estimate for re-roofing with new wooden
shingles is $2,300.


When Rex Young passed away, he left $2,000 to Young Cemetery Association.
That money generates only about $50 per year.  There is no income or promise of
any in the future.  Almost all of the family plots were sold many, many years ago for
$5 per family.  That is less than $1 per person buried in the family plot.  There are
very few family members alive to donate toward maintenance, so there is only about
$50 per year in donations.  There are a few plots available, but not one has been
sold in about 15 years.   Mowing each summer is paid for by Sandra and Jeanie.

If you would like to offer financial assistance in the re-roofing project, please
phone or email
Sandra, at 402-296-2249 or
Jeanie, at 402-296-6975 or

Your interest and donation for keeping this historical structure in good repair
is greatly appreciated.

(Young cemetery is located 1 mile north and 1/2 mile east of the Murray
corner, from where it intersects at Highways 75 and 1. )







MAY 21 - 22, 2010

The Murray Garage Sales have been a fun community activity for
many years.

With no money in the school's budget, the sales were started in
the mid-90's by a group of kids and their parents who wanted to help
fund the Conestoga Golf Club.  The boys golfed at Conestoga in the
Spring and the girls in the Fall and the boys took the State Championship
title during their 2nd year of play!

Sadly, there is no Golf Club at Conestoga anymore, however
the residents of Murray wanted to keep the sales going each year.

So, here you have it. Now, tell your friends and neighbors so they
can take part in this fun day, too!

Extensive advertising is done in the following venues:

Online edition
American Classifieds, Omaha
Council Bluffs
Online Editions
Plattsmouth Journal
Online Edition
Consumer Connection
Bellevue Leader
Papillion Times
LaVista Sun
Ralston Recorder
Gretna Breeze
The Base: 68113 (formerly the Air Pulse)
Cass County Shopper & Directory (website ONLY for Omaha World Herald)
Journal - Democrat, (Syracuse)
Hamburg Reporter
Penny Press '1'
Penny Press '4'
10:07 - 10:30, (if I can get through!)
FreeCycleOmahaCafe (online)
Local service channel, GalaxyCableVision, (channel 54)
Posters & signs in restaurants, gas stations, bulletin boards, along highways
75 & 1, etc.
Bulletin boards at work places, also


Nebraska Community Websites!

By signing up and turning your form in on time,  you're helping to pay your
fair share of the advertising costs.

You can copy and print the form below or pick up a form at the
post office, Town Hall or Murray State Bank.

Good luck at YOUR sale!


Name: ________________________________________________

Sale Location:  _________________________________________

Phone number: _________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________

This sale will be on: Friday, May 21____or Saturday, May 22 ____
(Check one day or both)

If space allows, please list the following items of special interest on the maps:

1. ____________________________________

2. ____________________________________

3. ____________________________________

Please enclose $12.00 to help pay for ads placed in the locations listed above
and for fliers, highway signs and having your sale location added to the map.


Return this completed form and payment by May 5th to:

Pat Zeigler
201 N How Ave
Murray, NE 68409

Call Pat with any questions at 235-2926.



On April 17, the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts of Murray/Beaver Lake
completed the annual community service project called Scouting for Food,
collecting 1153 food items for the Food Bank.

Some Scouts participating are pictured here:
(L-R) Wyatt Remmers, Joshua McIntyre, Grant Froistad, Trace Widler, Daniel McIntyre. 

(Kindly submitted by Kirk Froistad, 471 Pack-master)





Part II on 'Why I Volunteer with CASA'

April 16, 2010

"I learned volumes from raising my own children and now have the
opportunity to share my knowledge," said Springfield CASA Diane Wagner
when asked why she volunteers to help abused and neglected children in Sarpy County.

Since Diane became a CASA volunteer in 2008, she has worked with two
siblings, who have been in three different foster homes and are awaiting a
permanent placement. Diane said, "The reason I committed to this...assignment
is to make a difference by being a role model in foster children's lives....I love
being able to help the Juvenile Court implementing the guidance
given in the courtroom. The role of the foster family is also a large piece of the
support the CASA program offers. This team-oriented approach to raising
contributing members of society is amazing.  I feel the guidance I offer is the
center point of how the team reacts."

I met Plattsmouth CASA volunteer Suzanne Kolesik earlier this month. Suzanne has
advocated for 18 children from eight families. The unusual circumstances of one child,
in particular, prompted Suzanne to tell me this story, "My CASA child was born in Russia.
She lived in an orphanage until the age of 12, when she was adopted and brought to this
country. Later, she was removed from her adoptive home and placed in foster care. As her
19th birthday drew near, my child and I knew that she would 'age-out' of the system.
'Aging-out' would mean the loss of essential life services that had been place while my
child was in foster care. Our plan was to find a place for her to live and obtain student
loans, so she could go to college. The plan was halted by the discovery that my child
was not a naturalized citizen. In order for her to earn an education and become a self-sufficient
adult, we needed to know why her citizenship was in jeopardy and how to remedy the situation.
I asked for and received help from my child's case worker; her guardian ad litem, who
helps us with legal issues; a PALS (Preparation for Adult Living Services) representative;
CASA staff at both the state and local levels; Legal Aid and many others.

We finally learned that our problems could be solved, if we had a naturalization
certificate or a U.S. Passport. Good news, or so we thought. My child did have a
Passport, but her adoptive parents would not relinquish it. The agency that was
involved in my child's adoption had a copy of her Passport, but the Social Security
office would only accept the original document. Knowing that my child would 'age-out'
in a few weeks, and the process for obtaining a new Passport could take a few months,
we broadened our search for solutions to include more contacts with Health and Human
Services, brainstorming about other options with CASA representatives and communication
with Nebraska's elected political leaders. Everyone, including staff in the offices of
Governor Heineman, U.S. Senator Ben Nelson and State Senator Dave Pankonin,
looked for answers. None were found.

The turning point for my CASA child came when her adoptive mother turned over
the original Passport. My child and I finalized the requirements for her to begin the
next stage of her life. With one day to spare, my child was prepared to 'age-out'
of the system. She had plans for her life that I was confident she would fulfill.

This story illustrates the fact that the role of a CASA volunteer is as varied, as are
the lives of the children with whom we work. The difference between my role as a
CASA volunteer and those of all of the other people I asked to help is demonstrated
quite clearly by this example. Everyone else who interacts with a CASA child also
works with many children and has other responsibilities. A CASA volunteer provides
important continuity by working with only one child or family at a time."

Do you have time to help a child? If so, the CASA Programs in Cass, Otoe
and Sarpy Counties would like to hear from you. In Cass County you can contact
Kim Carrera at 402-296-9520, in Otoe County you can speak with
Amanda Volkmer-Busch at 402-873-6343 and in Sarpy County Georgie Scurfield
is waiting for your call at 402-593-2259.

I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to represent District 2 in the
Nebraska Legislature.  We welcome your contacts by mail, phone or email.

Senator Dave Pankonin
State Capitol
PO Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509

(402) 471-2613




Museum Brown Bag Program

Cass County Museum's next brown bag program will be
Tuesday, April 27, at 12:00. 
Photographer, Dan Rohan, will show photographs from the late
1940s and early 1950s. The photographs were developed from large format
negatives found in the upstairs of his building on Main Street which was the
former Schreiner's Drug Store.  Those attending will recognize many of the
people in the photos.

The program is free and open to the public.  Coffee and cookies will be
served by the Historical Society.

Two programs remain in the brown bag series, on April 27 and May 11.

For additional information, call the museum, 296-4770.


Living History Day at Cass County Museum

Cass County Museum's Fifth Annual Living History Day
will be Saturday, May 1.

The historical society museum at 646 Main Street, Plattsmouth, NE
and its log cabin and caboose, at the end of Main Street, 
will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Living History demonstrations will take place throughout the day in the
museum and in the courtyard next to the museum.

Demonstrations in the museum will include a soap making display by
Chris Hess, weaving by Linda Barnard Duncan,and  spinning by Dee Hogya. 
Florene Nickles will play the 1893 Packard Reed Organ throughout the day. 
Small table looms will be available to children for a hands-on experience in weaving.   
From 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., in the Davis Conference Room, Cass County Retired
Teachers will host a May Basket Workshop for Children ages 5 to 10. The teachers
will tell children about the May Basket tradition and help them make a basket.  It will
take about 20 minutes to make a basket with the last session starting at 2:30.

Outside in the courtyard, Ron Rookstool and Vernon Grashorn will demonstrate
blacksmithing while William Duff will be making rope.

At the end of Main Street, in addition to open houses at the log cabin and caboose,
there will be an antique tractor show, coordinated by Ray Bryant.

Admission to all events is Free, but donations will be accepted.

For additional information, call the museum at 296-4770.







The Blackwood Brothers Quartet, a popular and enduring force
in Gospel music, will be performing at the Lofte Community Theatre
in Manley on Sunday,April 25th at 2pm.

The Blackwood Brothers have recorded over 200 albums and toured
in 47 countries.  They have won eight Grammy Awards and 6 Dove
Awards.  Over the years, the Blackwood Brothers have been guests
on the Barbara Mandrell Show, Hee-Haw, and The Grand Old Opry. 
They have sung with Johnny Cash, Porter Wagoner, Tennessee Ernie Ford
and many more.  They were inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame
in Nashville in 1998.  The group now consists of Jimmy Blackwood,
Wayne Little, Randy Byrd and Brad White. 

The original Blackwood Brothers formed in 1934 in Choctaw County,
Mississippi.  In 1954 the quartet performed on the "Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts"
show on television.  Two weeks after winning the competition, two of the
original Blackwood brothers, R.W. and Bill Lyles, were both killed in a plane
crash in Alabama.  The surviving Blackwoods regrouped, adding younger
brother Cecil to sing baritone and J.D. Sumner singing bass.

Elvis Presley loved gospel music and attended many of the Blackwood concerts
at the Ellis Auditorium in Memphis.  When his mother, Gladys Presley, died
in 1958, Elvis and his father asked the Blackwoods to sing at her funeral. 

Tickets for this event are $16.  Reservations are not required, but are strongly
suggested.  When the Lofte last hosted The Blackwood Brothers in 2008, the
event was completely sold-out.  More information can be found on the Lofte's
website,, or by calling the box office at (402) 234-2553.

Please join us on Sunday, April 25th at 2pm for this wonderful concert event!

The Lofte Community Theatre is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization
supported in part by The Cooper Foundation, The Midlands Community Foundation,
and the Cass County Visitors Promotion Committee.  The Lofte Community Theatre
is dedicated to providing opportunities for area residents of all ages to participate in
the creation process and companionship of live theatre in rural Nebraska and to
enjoy the social, artistic, and educational benefits of this art form.



Diamond in the 'Rough'

Even though it was in nice shape before the updates recently, the Nehawka ball
diamond is quickly becoming a real jewel!

This past weekend the fence finally went up on the poles that were installed last
week.  The warning track had fresh gravel applied and another set of bleachers
had been painted.



A lot of community pride is within the confines of this block right smack in the
middle of this tiny town.  Lots of hours spent planning and preparing the park has
paid off and residents here have lots to smile about.




Be sure to take in a couple of ball games in Nehawka this summer and enjoy
what its' townspeople and neighboring friends have accomplished by working



301 Centennial Mall South | P.O. Box 94666 | Lincoln, NE 68509-4666

Our Mission: To develop economic opportunities by keeping Nebraska
businesses, communities and people competitive.

It is the policy of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development
not to discriminate on the basis of sex, disability, race, color,
religion, marital status, age or national or ethnic origin.


Economic Development Bills Become Law this Legislative Session

In addition to LB918, several other bills were signed into law to boost
economic development in Nebraska, including:
LB1048: Wind Energy Bill--designed to encourage the development,
ownership and operation of renewable energy facilities for the export of
wind energy from Nebraska, and preserves the benefits Nebraskans
receive as a result of the state's unique public power system by allowing
the Neb. Power Review Board to approve wind energy operations designed
to export energy.

LB1018: Nebraska Advantage Transformational Tourism and Redevelopment Act--
allows cities and counties to use voter approved local option sales taxes for
economic development efforts connected to tourism and community revitalization.


Cleantech Open is Now Accepting Entries

Deadine for Entries is May 22, 2010

The Cleantech Open, the world's largest business competition created to find,
fund and foster startup clean technology companies, is now accepting entries
for the 2010 Cleantech Open competition through May 22. This fifth annual
competition helps create clean tech jobs by connecting clean tech entrepreneurs
with expert mentoring and guidance, venture capital and funding experts, private
and public innovation centers, and sponsor organizations.

In 2010, the Cleantech Open is launching the new North Central Region and is
accepting contestant companies in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska,
North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

For details, visit
For contestant participation inquiries, contact
For media inquiries, contact


Nebraska Ranks Third Best for Pro-Business Legal Climate 
The U.S. Chamber's Institute for Legal Reform has released its 2010 ranking of
the states with the best and worst legal climates. According to the report, the states
with the best legal climates are Delaware (1st), North Dakota (2nd), and Nebraska (3rd).
The survey was compiled with feedback from general counsels and senior attorneys
or executives in companies litigation.

See the release and full ranking at


Nebraska Performance Excellence Center Announces
2010 Nebraska Edgerton Award Program

The Nebraska Performance Excellence Center, now administering the
Nebraska Edgerton Award Program, is ready to accept applications for
Nebraska's foremost award for organizational excellence.
For award levels and details, visit



The CASS COUNTY GOING GREEN Recycle Trailer will be located in the
southwest corner of the Murray Rural Fire Dept.'s parking lot the following dates:

April 24 - 30
May 15 - 21
May 29 - June 4
June 12 - 18
July 3 - 9
July 24 - 30
August 14 - 20
September 4 - 10
September 25 - October 1
October 15 - 22
November 6 - 12
November 27 - December 3
December 18 - 24

(The Waste Management recycle bins located behind Town Hall are
for Murray residents only, although Murray residents may also use
the Cass County Recycle Trailer.)






First Christian Church 2010 Concert Series

Faith Singers from Missouri
May 1, Saturday @ 7PM
Free Admission with Love offering taken

Weeping Water First Christian Church 2010 Concert Series
starts with an awesome concert on May 1, Saturday at 7PM
featuring Faith Singers.

Faith Singers have been singing together since May 2004. 
Our first  road trip out of state was to Apache Junction, Arizona
near Phoenix.   While there we ministered in several RV Parks
and just had a wonderful time praising our Lord.  Since then God
has allowed us to travel and sing for His glory to many places.  
We find no place too small or to large to minister.  Our commitment
is to our Lord and Saviour and we will do our best to meet the
needs of those we serve.

Faith Singers are members of Mo-Kan Gospel Music Association,
out of Independence,  Missouri, Country Gospel Music Association
out of Branson, Missouri and Christian Music Ministries out of
Shawnee Kansas.

Faith Singers received the Silver Heart Award for Accapella Artist
of the year for the Central Division of Country Gospel Music Association,
in 2006 and 2007.  For the last several years we have sang at the Missouri State
Fair, we have been on stage at the Wyandotte County Fair and at many festivals
in the northern Missouri area.

The concert is free admission and will be located at the First Christian
Church, 306 W. H St. with a love offering taken for the ministry. For more
information contact 402-269-5508 or




Please join Cass County Relay For Life team, 'Survivors R Us', at Plattsmouth
Keno for a fundraiser in memory of Steve Colabello and Jim Meisinger. They
will be serving all you can eat pancakes, sausage, juice and coffee. Cost is
$5.00 per person. The date is Sunday, April 25, 2010 from 9 AM to 1 PM.
This team held a pancake breakfast last month and the food was delicious!
The proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society Relay For Life.




A Sightreading Workshop is scheduled for beginners and intermediate players
on Monday evenings, from May 17 - June 7,  from 6:30 PM - 8 PM, in
The Old Avoca Schoolhouse, in picturesque Avoca, Nebraska.

This will be a wonderful opportunity for beginners and intermediate players of all
ages  to  sightread music that you've never seen before, and don't have to ever
see again.  During the workshop, led by Deborah Greenblatt, discover how to
negotiate new compositions with minimum stress, and maximum music.  The
beauty of this workshop is that all you have to do is show up.  There is no
preparation necessary, although pre-registration is required.  The fee for the
Sightreading Workshop is $80.00 per person.

For more information, call 402-275-3221, or e-mail






4-21  Wee Screen for Preschool
4-23  Waffle Man
4-23  FFA Banquet
4-24  Bingo & Spaghetti
4-25  Pancake Breakfast
4-26  No School
4-27  Brown Bag Museum Lunch

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