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Murray Newsletter - May 12, 2010




7:30 p.m.


"Girls on the Road to Creativity"
Destination Imagination Team

placed 2nd in State competition and will compete against
other teams from around the world in Knoxville, Tennessee!


at their

will help support their efforts
to raise funds for their airfare, room and board at the
University of Tennessee.









MAY 15 - 16


The 'Keep America Beautiful - Great American Cleanup' is our nation's largest community improvement program.  Village residents are encouraged to do their part, too, during Murray Clean-Up Days.

Don't forget to make good use of the recycling bins located at both the
Murray Fire Station and behind Town Hall.

The burn pile, located at the south end of Railroad Avenue, will be open and is
for yard waste only.  Dumpsters will be located there, as well, for other, non-recyclable items.
(Please, NO concrete, glass, paint or tires in the dumpsters or burn pile.)
Attendants will check for residency,  with a Murray utility bill stub serving
as sufficient  proof.








When you plan to have a garage sale, you already have decided that
those items are going.  So, after your sale, if you have any items leftover,
please consider donating them to Hosanna Lutheran Church in Plattsmouth. 
If requested, you may also receive a receipt for your tax deductible donation. 
You won't even have to haul them away!  The items will be picked up at your place.

We would prefer that the items be boxed, not bagged, although we'll be happy
to take them either way and grateful for your donation.

To make arrangements for pick-up of your items, please call
Gloria or Tom at 235-2999.

Thank you!






Bill G.

Don U.








High School:

5/13 Districts

Junior High:

5/12 @ Malcolm (ECNC) 9:00



will be located in the southwest corner of the Murray Rural Fire Dept.'s parking lot the following dates:

May 15 - 21
May 29 - June 4
June 12 - 18
July 3 - 9
July 24 - 30
August 14 - 20
September 4 - 10
September 25 - October 1
October 15 - 22
November 6 - 12
November 27 - December 3
December 18 - 24

(The Waste Management recycle bins located behind Town Hall are for
Murray residents only, although Murray residents may also use the
Cass County Recycle Trailer.)


Here's a link to the "Summer workshops" page of the 4-H website. 

These workshops  are open to youth who are not enrolled in 4-H
as well as current 4-H members.






A Local Issue Prompts a New State Policy

May 7, 2010, Lincoln - This week and next I want to describe how the four legislative elements - people, process, policy and politics - can all be woven into and around an issue, and influence the resulting legislative action. My report begins with a well-established policy and the Cass County residents it affected. It ends with a new state policy that will grant some new rights to private landowners in Nebraska for many years to come.

In the fall of 2008 I learned that land acquisition for the proposed MoPac Trail extension would include the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District (LPSNRD)'s use of eminent domain to take property from more than 20 private landowners. The proposal also called for the trail to cross county roads several times, and this worried Cass County Commissioners. There was no doubt that the LPSNRD had the right to develop trails and use eminent domain in an unfettered way, because both rights were granted to natural resources districts (NRDs) by previous legislatures.

Eminent domain is one of the most powerful tools a unit of government can have, and private citizens seldom have any way to prevent its use. While few would argue that recreational trails serve a good public purpose and are enjoyed by many people, the planned use of eminent domain to take private land for a trail prompted a policy question about the use of this power for a non-essential purpose. An examination of our current laws seemed appropriate, because the supply of abandoned railroad lines that were once used as trail beds has been exhausted, so future trails, especially those designed to cross rural areas and connect urban centers in densely populated areas of eastern Nebraska, are likely to need private land for their development.

In 2009 I introduced LB 134 to eliminate the use of eminent domain by NRDs for optional recreational trails projects while maintaining the power for necessary flood control structures. This bill became the first of several steps in a two-year effort to develop a more equitable way for trail development to occur in our state. Responses to LB 134 ranged from enthusiastic support to strong opposition, but many of my fellow lawmakers voiced opinions, asked questions and proposed modifications, all of which indicated they needed more time and information before developing a position on the bill. I used maps, pictures and talking points to engage my colleagues in one-on-one discussions of the problem that arose in Cass County and the potential for it to occur in other parts of the state.

Clarification about what prompted the introduction of LB 134 helped some senators to tentatively move toward support for the bill. Although they expressed concern about the local situation in our legislative district, for personal reasons or because of opposition from constituents and special interest groups, other senators remained dubious and unwilling to commit to an aye vote on LB 134. Two senators suggested alternatives to the outright repeal of the use of eminent domain for trail development. Although neither suggestion produced a desirable solution in the end, it was important to listen and carefully consider their ideas. Being open-minded and willing to compromise is the best way to encourage on-going collaboration in the future. I have learned that this approach can be the key to working effectively in the legislature. At this point it was unclear how LB 134 would fare during floor debate.

Meanwhile, the LPSNRD and the Cass County Board began discussions about an alternate trail route. LB 134 became a bargaining tool in an effort to convince the NRD Board to approve a moratorium on the original route through the 2010 legislative session. The moratorium was approved with the understanding that I would "kill" the bill, and the Natural Resources Committee would study the use of eminent domain for recreational projects between legislative sessions. Although LB 134 had the support of a number of state senators, it would have had significant opposition in the legislature and from groups that support expanded trail development. I agreed to the moratorium, because it was the best way to offer short-term protection to the affected landowners in Cass County.

Next week I will outline the continuing efforts that created the new policy for the use of eminent domain for recreational trails.

I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to represent District 2 in the Nebraska Legislature.

We welcome your contacts by mail, phone or email.

Senator Dave Pankonin
State Capitol
PO Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
(402) 471-2613


53rd Annual Spring Flea Market -- May 29-31
Main St
Brownville, NE

More than 200 vendors from across the United States. Antiques, flowers, jewelry, collectibles and food. 
May 29-31
Admission is Free
Crafts/quilts/antiques show.
Flea market.

For more information, call (402) 825-3731





A Sightreading Workshop is scheduled for beginners and intermediate players
on Monday evenings, from May 17 - June 7,  from 6:30 PM - 8 PM, in
The Old Avoca Schoolhouse, in picturesque Avoca, Nebraska.

This will be a wonderful opportunity for beginners and intermediate players
of all ages to sightread music that you've never seen before, and don't have
to ever see again.

During the workshop, led by Deborah Greenblatt, discover how to negotiate
new compositions with minimum stress, and maximum music.

The beauty of this workshop is that all you have to do is show up. 
There is no preparation necessary, although pre-registration is required. 
The fee for the Sightreading Workshop is $80.00 per person.

For more information, call 402-275-3221, or e-mail


2010  Relay For Life Of Cass County

Please join us for twelve hours of activity when we walk the track to honor those we have lost to cancer and celebrate the lives of those who are surviving.

This is the 15th year of the Relay For Life of Cass County and the 26th Anniversary of the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. It is a wonderful event that a lot of thought and hard work is put into by the ACS staff and a small volunteer committee.

There is nothing in the world that would give us more satisfaction
than having every one of you, (adults, children, family and friends), join us to
Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back
and bring us all Hope for a better, brighter day.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

7:00 PM to 7:00 AM

Plattsmouth High School Football Field & Track

Rain or Shine - if necessary the walk will be moved into the high school

There will be music and games for even the smallest - a bounce house, too!
Bring your tents and sleeping bags and camp out with us under the stars!
A night you're sure to remember!

For additional information: or 402-393-5801

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ........

Your 2010 Relay Committee

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mark your calendars so you can plan to go and support the following
RELAY for LIFE teams at these fun events:

Friday, May 14 & Saturday, May 15, 2010 -
Survivors R Us is sponsoring a rummage sale from 8 AM to 12 PM on
both days at 2117 Lincoln Avenue, Plattsmouth. They will have a large
selection of clothes for adults and children.

Friday, May 21  & Saturday, May 22, 2010 -
Kris' Krew is sponsoring a bake sale in conjunction with Murray Garage Sales
at 301 W. Young Street. Come early and enjoy homemade cinnamon rolls, pies,
cookies, brownies and many other yummy treats!

Saturday, May 22, 2010 -
Thundering Herd is sponsoring a Vendor Open House from 10 AM to 2 PM at
the Bellevue Lied Activity Center (2711 Arboretum Drive). Vendors will include
Arbonne, At Home Entertaining, Tastefully Simple, Tupperware and more.
Proceeds will go to Relay For Life of Cass County.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 -
Fashion Show at Chico's in Shadow Lake Town Center to benefit the
Cass County Relay For Life.
The show will begin at 7 PM and light snacks will
be provided.
Chico's is proudly donating 10% of the stores proceeds sold between
4 PM - 9 PM on that day.

Friday, June 4 & Saturday, June 5, 2010 -
Thundering Herd is sponsoring a garage sale (8 AM to 4 PM - both days) in
Bellevue at 13412 S. 31st Circle.

Friday, June 4 (8 AM to 5 PM) & Saturday, June 5, 2010 (8 AM to 1 PM) -
Kris' Krew is sponsoring a garage sale at 10186 Sydney Lane in
Lakeview Estates (North of Beaver Lake). They will have a $3 Bag Sale from
1 PM to 2 PM on Saturday, June 5th.

Saturday, June 5, 2010 -
LD's Warriors is sponsoring "Rock-N-Race For A Cure" at
Rolling Thunder Drag Strip.
Gates open at 1 PM and admission is $10 per person.

Friday, June 11, Saturday, June 12 & Sunday, June 13, 2010 -
Thundering Herd is sponsoring a craft booth at Springfield Days.
Hours: Friday - 5 PM to 10 PM - Saturday & Sunday - 8 AM to 4 PM.

Saturday, June 19, 2010 -
Carol's Crusaders is sponsoring their annual Blackjack Run. Sign up is from
11:30 AM to 1:30 PM at Plattsmouth Keno and the cost is $10 per hand.
Motorcycles and classic cars welcome!

Info about fundraisers - the dates and particulars - can always be found at,  where they will be listed in the left-hand
column at the fundraiser tab.

Thank you for your continued support!



On Sunday, June 20th, the Plattsmouth Main Street Association is sponsoring
an "Old Fashioned Father's Day in the Park" at Rhylander park in Plattsmouth.

As you can see from the flier, the featured event will be an old-time base ball game. 
As a result we are recruiting players for our local team,
"The Cass County Railroad Ruffians"
and we invite you to choose a member of your organization as your
representative on the team.

This will be a game of light-hearted fun and friendly competition. The rules of 1860 are a
much less strenuous game than modern baseball and 9 innings will last less than 2 hours.
In fact, the pitcher throws underhand and is encouraged to throw the ball where the batter
requests it to be thrown. Also, it is an "out" if the ball is caught without having touched the
ground OR after one bounce. So, as you can see, this game will move along quite quickly.
I have seen the Wichita team play. They play for fun and love to "razz" each other and the
opposing team. They told me that they win about 50% of their games.

This will require no financial contribution on the part of your organization. Our only hope is
that you will bring your families out to enjoy the day and share in the fun and relaxation of
a simpler era.

Please let us know by May 27th if you do or do not have have someone who is interested
in playing on the Cass County Railroad Ruffians base ball team for this event.


Jan Sandoz, Day in the Park Event Coordinator
Plattsmouth Main Street Association








THANK YOU to all the people who continued to follow our quest for the top
spot in the for voting for the Plattsmouth Animal Shelter every day in
the Animal Rescue Site/Pet Finder Shelter Challenge.
The contest has ended, but we were at #14 in the State of Nebraska,
(last time I checked), so we may have finished higher.  Our facility didn't win
anything this time, but it was fantastic that we had so many people voting and
rooting for us! The challenges run for 14 weeks.


Here's the really good news .............
The NEW shelter challenge begins on Monday, May 17, 2010 and will continue
through Sunday, August 22, 2010. Many grants will be awarded over 14 weeks
and we're hoping you'll help us win some of them. Please, tell all your relatives,
friends, co-workers, email buddies from anywhere (and maybe even strangers
on the street) to vote for Plattsmouth Animal Shelter!

Here are the very detailed and easy to follow instructions.

Go to and click on the button on the right
"Click Here To Give - It's Free" - at this point you are giving free food to animals
at many shelters.
Now you'll get a message "Thank you your click has been counted!"
On the top of the screen - "Help your favorite animal shelter win a prize!"
Click the "Vote Today" Button
The first time you vote you will need to enter all the information -
Shelter name: Plattsmouth Animal Shelter
Country: USA
State: Nebraska
City: Plattsmouth
Click on "search"
It will locate the shelter and display the name and location - when it does click "VOTE"
One more step ...... Confirm your vote (name the animal) and you're done.
After you do this the first time, you can save it in your favorites (it will retain all the shelter info) and the voting is much quicker the next time!
IMPORTANT: Please remember to vote every day and help us gain on the leaders - thanks!



Please visit the shelter web site often and do stop in to say "hello" during shelter hours.
The animals love the attention!
The web site is - check out everything on the shelter
and then click on the green "Happy Paws" tab - read about us and make a donation if you wish.

Thank you for your support.



Composting Workshop

Cass County Extension office will host a Composting Workshop.  Vaughn Hammond, Extension Technologist from the Kimmel Education and Research Center in Nebraska City will present a Home Composting workshop on
Thursday, May 27th from 10:00-11:30.

Compost is every gardener¹s best friend.  We will teach you how to make compost using either the hot or cold approach as well as cover several different types of composters available.  We will also construct a compost bin that is easy to build and affordable.  To top the morning off we will also cover vermiculture or the process of composting with worms.

The workshop is offered free to anyone who is interested; no need to pre-register.

The Cass County Extension office is located at 8400 144th Street,
three miles north of Weeping Water on the Cass County Fairgrounds,
(Highway 1 and 144th Street).

Contact: Mary Ann Holland
Extension Educator
Cass County Extension office
8400 144th Street, Ste. 100
Weeping Water, NE 68463




Explore Nebraska, Win Prizes

Nebraska travelers who get off the beaten path this summer will have a
chance to take home more than memories after their summer vacation.
The Nebraska Byways Passport Program by DED's Travel and Tourism
Division encourages travelers to explore one or more of the state's nine
scenic byways and possibly win a prize.

Twenty-seven attractions are listed on the souvenir passport, and these
are also the locations where travelers can pick up the passport and start
playing. Tourists traveling to each location will receive a stamp at each
stop. If the passport has nine stamps, travelers get a Nebraska byways
t-shirt; 18 stamps, a digital photo frame; and all 27 stamps, a flip video

All players will be entered into a grand prize drawing for a laptop computer
valued at $1,000, to be drawn in Oct. 2010. Participants will get one entry
into the grand prize drawing for every 9 stamps on the passport.

Contest rules and instructions are available online at


Are You Interested in Connecting with New Graduates Across Nebraska?

Nebraska College Career Services Association can help
The Nebraska College Career Services Association (NCCSA) represents
professionals from Nebraska's 2- and 4-year colleges and universities,
cooperating to help employer's access future and recent graduates. Among
NCCSA's purpose is promotion of activities which strengthen job search
skills and career development for graduates, and promotes cooperation
among professionals assisting college and university graduates with placement

Additional services include:
* Posting career events/job fairs and networking events with your facility.
* Internship Programs.
* Scheduling on-campus interviews through the Nebraska College Recruiting Consortium.
* Resume Referral.

Participating Nebraska colleges and universities include:
Bellevue Univ., Central Community College (CC), Chadron State College,
College of St. Mary, Concordia Univ., Dana College, Doane College, Grace Univ.,
Hastings College, Metro CC, Mid-Plains CC, Midland Lutheran College,
Neb. Wesleyan Univ., Northeast CC, Peru State College, Southeast CC,
Union College, Univ. of Neb.-Lincoln, Univ. of Neb.-Kearney, Univ. of Neb.-Omaha,
Wayne State College, Western Neb. CC, and York College.

Details and information to post jobs is available online at

This is a free service.


BRAN - Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska -- June 6-12

Ride travels through Nebraska, with a stop in Burwell on June 9

This week long tour provides an up-close and personal journey through the
unheralded beauty and charm of Nebraska. Itinerary pending at time of event
listing, check website for updates. 
June 6-12

For More Information: Phone: (402) 397-9785


Family Fun Day Cruise
River City Star, 151 Freedom Park Rd
Omaha, NE

Half price sightseeing cruises from 1-2pm.

Bring the entire family for a 1 hour cruise along the Omaha riverfront.

May 31
Admission: $4-$6

For More Information: Phone: (402) 342-7827


Jazz in June

Sheldon Museum of Art, UNL Campus - 12th & R Sts
Lincoln, NE
Enjoy jazz in the great outdoors! Downtown market held from 5-9pm, 30 minute
UNL garden tours available at 6pm, and featured jazz musicians each week.

June 1-29
Tuesdays beginning at 5pm

Farmers market.

For More Information: Phone: (402) 472-2461


Bargains on Byways --
June 11-13
South-central Nebraska communities
Franklin, NE

A 3-day yard sale covering a 300-mile radius.
Antiques, collectables and beautiful scenery. 

Crafts/quilts/antiques show.
Flea market.

For More Information: Phone: (308) 470-0499


Fremont Lakes State Recreation Area

4 mi. W. on US Hwy 30
Fremont, NE
4 mi. W. on US Hwy 30 -

Twenty sandpit lakes offer a variety of outdoor activities from fishing, swimming,
boating, camping and picnicking. Open year-round. Memorial Day-Labor Day all
services available. Handicapped fishing pier and picnic area, modern shower
building, 175 new asphalt pads for camping and 200 total electrical sites.

Park permit required.

Camping fees: $17 electrical site, $12 non electrical site, pay showers.

Handicapped accessible.

For More Information: Phone: (402) 727-3290



Thursday, May 13 -
Pre-School Spring Fling
Village Board Meeting
Ice Cream Social
Elem. Concert

Friday, May 14 -
Preschool last day
K-6 Field Day
Athletic Banquet
Jr. High Awards Ceremony

Saturday, May 15 -
Murray Clean-Up Days

Sunday, May 16 -
Murray Clean-Up Days

Monday, May 17 -
Conestoga School IN SESSION
Second grade field trip

Tuesday, May 18 -
Fourth grade field trip
Fine Arts Awards Night

Wednesday, May 19 -
K-6 Field Day (Rain date)
DI Globals

Thursday, May 20 -
DI Globals


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If you own a business or know a business owner that might want to advertise
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So patronize the sponsors advertising here and tell them where you saw their ad,
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