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Murray Newsletter - July 14, 2010

A SIGN of the TIMES...


This is one greeting that Murray is missing.  If you happen to venture just about
anywhere, you'll notice almost every town has some kind of a "welcome" sign to
greet you and let you know where you are on the map. Much research shows that
there has never been such a sign for this great little village that we call 'home', so we should change that!

The Murray Planning Commission and the Village Board have approved the idea of placing two "Welcome to Murray" signs along Highway 1 approaching town.  Both signs would be on the right side of the road as you are entering Murray from east or west.

Current landowners have yet to be approached about putting these signs on their property,so if you are one of these fine people, we'd appreciate your views on the matter.  We'd like to have designs for landowners and Village Board to preview so they could make a good, informed decision.

Now, this is where YOU come in!   We need designs - lots of designs!

Our criteria would be for the sign to have an attractive appearance and
to be low in maintenance.

If you are a creative person and have any ideas for the signs or think you can draw or dream up a design, ask someone to help you.

Then, send your sketches or drawings to either
Dave Coulby at or to

We'll keep you up-to-date on the progress of this project as time goes along.




Two cameras were found  in Murray after the July 4th celebration.

Please call our Village Clerk, Eileen,

at Town Hall, 235-2119 to

identify and claim your camera.





Phil Callahan of Nehawka, first-year coach for the Angels, having never coached a baseball team before, he knew he would need some help with this newest venture.  Stepping up to the plate to offer their assistance were Darry Leffler and Dion Wagner, of Beaver Lake, along with other parents and friends of the boys.  For this 13-year-old and under league, some of the players on the team had
a few years' worth of experience, but for a couple, it was only their first or second year of playing baseball.  That proved to be no problem for these fine coaches.  In the best interest of the boys, they saw to it that every player got the playing time they deserved, regardless of skill level.

The air was hot, heavy and thick on Sunday, July 11th, 2010, when the Nehawka PeeWee (Black) team took up their positions on Pieloch Field, one of the four baseball diamonds at the new Syracuse Sports Complex.  The championship game was originally scheduled to be played at 4:00 when, due to rain, it was moved back to 5:00, then eventually, it ended up being played even later, at 6 p.m.

Angels' fans came from all over - Nehawka, Murray, Beaver Lake, Plattsmouth, Nebraska City, McCook, Omaha and Lincoln to watch the battle with Syracuse Gold for the Cass County PeeWee League championship title.


Gladys Weston of Nehawka, above,  is a long-time hometown fan
and enjoys attending most games.

Syracuse quickly scored one run in the bottom of the first inning to take the lead.  The Angels came back with two runs of their own in the top of the 3rd.  After that, it became a pitcher's dual, with both teams pitching well and keeping potential runners off base.  Syracuse emptied their entire pitching staff, using four pitchers to keep Nehawka from scoring any more runs.  Nehawka relied on only two of their pitchers to hold the Gold to their one and only run throughout the entire 6 innings.

The game was truly a 'nail-biter' and was well-played by both teams, but Nehawka came out the victor, 2 - 1, and brought home the huge piece of hardware, including individual medals for each of the teammates.


Left to right, back row: Assistant Coach, Dion Wagner, with Head Coach, Phil Callahan & Assistant Coach, Darry Leffler. Middle row: Christopher Cornish, Brook Fox, Daniel Callahan, Lucas Minor, Chris Hanssen and Brook Wagner. Front: Michael Carlton, Josh McIntire, Christian McAfee, Derek Leffler, Sam Sparks, & Tyler Martin.

It was plain to see that by the end of the season each boy had improved their baseball skills, gained more knowledge of the game and had a lot of fun doing it along the way.  Lots of respect for one another, young and old, and helping each other along the way proved to be an honest team effort that resulted in a winning season for everyone.


Well done, Coaches, and
Congratulations, Nehawka Angels PeeWee Champs!





NEBRASKA is running out of 402 area code numbers, so eastern Nebraska telephone customers should start preparing for a change that will affect
ALL landline and cell phone users.

Your existing phone number will NOT change, if it now is preceded by area code 402, but soon a new area code - 531 - will be added to the two Nebraska already has - 308 and 402.

All customers in area code 402 should start using the area code to dial local numbers, now. Ten-digit calls will NOT be considered 'long-distance' calls if they are within the local calling area.  However, long-distance or 'toll' calls should still be preceded by a "1" .

Beginning in March 2011, all new lines or services will be assigned numbers starting with areacode 531.  All customers with the new 531 area code must dial the area code in addition to the seven-digit phone number in order for the call to be completed.

You should prepare for the changes now, so it'll be easier when the mandatory change in February comes around. If you have pre-programmed numbers on any automatic dialing equipment or other equipment that's programmedto dial a seven-digit number within area code 402, you need to add the 402 to the beginning of that seven-digit number.

You might have alarms, safety equipment, security systems, fax machines, voice-mail services and all sorts of updating to do.  Don't forget your business cards and stationery, advertising for your business, websites, contact information at schools for your children and any ID tags.

Customers are reminded that this change will NOT affect calls requiring the standard three digits,such as 911, 611, 411, etc.  Those numbers will NOT change.

When the 10-digit dialing becomes mandatory, a reminder such as this
will most likely be heard:
"We're sorry, but you must now dial the area code with this number for your call to be completed."



The top showmanship award, a bronze plaque,  went to the girls of our own Conestoga Dance Team at the National Dance Association's camp, this year at Lake Okoboji.  The girls also qualified for national competition.

An 'All-American' award went to Megan Black for leadership skills and her technique.  Megan has the option to either go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade or Disney World's Christmas Extravaganza.

Congratulations to all the girls and to their coach, Angie Hogue!


Shown  from left to right are : Jess Merrill, Megan Black, Delayne Martin and their coach, Angie Hogue.In the back row are McKenzie Rowe, Andrea Tesarek, Sarah Morton, Rachel Morton, Shelby Rohlff, Lauren Sparks, Sydney Todd, Kelly McDonnell, Devanne Martin and Abigail, (Abby), Wehrbein.







Auditions at Lofte Community Theatre

Auditions for Neil Simon's play, "Jake's Women" will take place at the Lofte Community Theatre near Manley on Monday, July 26 and Tuesday, July 27 at 7pm.

There are parts available for six women, one man and one young girl (age 10-15).  Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.  Kevin Colbert will direct.

Performance dates for the show's run are Aug 27-29, Sept 3-5, 9-12.

The script revolves around Jake, a novelist who is more successful with fiction than with life.  He is facing a marital crisis by daydreaming about the women in his life. Jake's women include his first wife who was killed in an accident, his daughter, his bossy sister, an opinionated analyst, his current wife who is leaving Jake, and a prospective third wife.

More information including complete character descriptions may be found on the Lofte's website,

Questions may be submitted to Director Kevin Colbert by calling the theater at (402) 234-2553.



Certified Grant Administrators Training

Certified CDBG Grant Administrator training workshops are scheduled for Aug. 3-6 at Southeast Community College's Continuing Education Center, 301 S. 68th St. Place in Lincoln.

Aug. 3 will be devoted to an overview of CDBG program requirements and local
governments' roles in meeting those requirements. Information will highlight contractual requirements, the environmental review process, requesting funds, and reporting requirements. Check in begins at 9:30 a.m., with the session beginning at 10 a.m.CDBG Certified Administrators training will be held Aug. 4-6 for individuals who want to become certified CDBG grant administrators. All municipalities and counties that have been awarded CDBG awards must hire and/or employ certified administrators to oversee projects. Attendees must complete the full two-day certification training and successfully pass a written exam. The exam is optional for individuals who want to receive the training, but do not want to become certified. Check in begins at 8 a.m., and training starts at 8:30 a.m.

The registration deadline for the workshops/full conference is July 27. A registration fee for the day workshop (Aug. 3), full certification workshop (Aug. 4-6), or full conference (Aug. 3-6) will provide attendees with training materials, including an administration manual, and continental breakfasts, lunches, and breaks.

Conference information is available at

Contact Sara Watson at 800-426-6505, 402-471-4168 or; or
Christina Bartels at 800-426-6505, 402-471-3172 or


Performance Techniques Workshop

A Performance Techniques Workshop for musicians who want to share their music-making with others is scheduled  for Saturday, August 7, from 1 PM - 3 PM, in The Old Avoca Schoolhouse,
in picturesque Avoca, Nebraska.  This will be a wonderful opportunity for players of all ages to learn to channel their nerves, and to communicate with an audience.  Participants should prepare a short piece to play for their fellow classmates.  Memorization is optional. 

Pre-registration for the workshop is required.  The fee for the Performance Techniques Workshop is $20.00 per musician.

For more information, call 402-275-3221, or


Otoe County Genealogical Society

will host it's
August meeting at

7:00 pm

August 12th

Syracuse United Methodist Church
560 6th Street
Syracuse, Nebraska

OCGS president, Curtis Wolbert, will be presenting a class on
'25 Common Mistakes in Genealogical Research'.




Guys and Dolls, Mothers and Daughters

The last time the Lofte performed Frank Loesser's classic Broadway hit, "Guys and Dolls," gasoline was $1.05 per gallon.  The Summer Olympics were held in Barcelona, Spain, and Miley Cyrus was born.  Yes, the year was 1992, and a lot has changed in 18 years. 

In 1992 the Lofte was still housed in its original location on the old Rathe homestead.  The lead role of Sarah Brown was being played by Betty Colbert.  "Oh, the heat!" said Betty.  "I remember trying to sing and speak so loudly, and the heat."  Betty claims she really enjoyed playing Sarah Brown because she is a straight-forward kind of woman.  "She has dreams both professionally and personally and her journey and transformation throughout the show
make her an interesting character."

Artistic Director (and Betty's husband) Kevin Colbert decided that 2010 would be the year that the Lofte revisited "Guys and Dolls."  Kevin and Betty's adult daughter, Samantha has been cast in the role of Sarah Brown.  "At first, I didn't realize that my mom had played Sarah.  I just knew that we (the Lofte) had done the show before.  My only plan is that I am going to make this character my own."

Samantha was only two years old in 1992 and doesn't remember the Lofte's first G and D production.  "But, my mom has been singing, 'I Love You a Bushel and a Peck,' to me since I was a baby."  Samantha will soon be starting her Junior year at Hastings College.  She is a double major in Music Vocal Performance and Theater.  In January she played Loagainne Schwartzandgrubeniere in "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee."  Her future plans include getting her Bachelor's degree at Hastings, her Masters at UN-L and then moving to
New York to work for a couple of years.

Kevin Colbert is director of the production and Betty Colbert is the musical director.  With daughter Samantha playing a leading role, how does this affect the family dynamic?  Samantha Colbert stated, "The only thing I don't like about working with my mom and dad is that other people might think I got the role just  because I'm the director's daughter.  I'm working very hard and taking this
role very seriously so that people don't think that." 

Betty Colbert responded, "We treat Sam like everyone else.  I really don't see a difference.  Sometimes my advice (as a mom) isn't requested, but I have found Samantha wonderful to work with on the music.  She takes vocal direction very well.  Samantha's got an amazing amount of talent.  Coming from a small town, I don't think she realizes how truly talented she is!"

Has Betty offered any advice to her daughter on playing the role of Sarah?   Samantha stated, "If I happen to say, 'I don't know how I'll ever memorize that speech,' Mom will offer a suggestion on how she did it.  She really has limited her input.  I think she understands that I'm going to do it differently and she wants me to do things my own way."

The Lofte Community Theatre in Manley opens its summer musical , "Guys and Dolls," on July 16.  Set in Damon Runyon's mythical New York City, this romantic comedy has high energy, lots of laughs and classic songs as it introduces us to a cast of vivid characters who havebecome legends: Sarah Brown, the upright but uptight "mission doll," out to reform the evildoers of Time Square; Sky Masterson, the slick, high-rolling gambler who woos her on a bet and ends up falling in love; Adelaide, the chronically ill nightclub performer whose condition is brought on by the fact she's been engaged to the same man for 14 years; and Nathan Detroit, her devoted fiancé, desperate as always to find a spot for his infamous floating crap game.

Director Kevin Colbert has been working with a cast, crew and orchestra of nearly 30 people.  Included in the cast are Jim McKain, Anna & Levi Stroebel, Doyle Hanshaw, Phil Meggers and Natalie McGovern of Omaha; Jim Knierim, Anne Riha, Maylea Bauers and Brenda Jones of Louisville; Ross Thomason and Millard Carnes of Plattsmouth; Kurt Lamb and Kevin Holdorf of Manley; Nick Jensen and Scott Muldoon of Lincoln; Don and Tessie Stedintz of Council Bluffs; Samantha Colbert of Weeping Water; Jeff Johnston, Wade Mumford and Alyssa DiPaolo of Elmwood; Renee Jensen of Unadilla; Megan Fowlerof Springfield; Charles Robbins of Wahoo; Mike Palmreuter of Bellevue; Katie Schmitt of Murdock; Sarah
Dowling of Avoca and Mimi Ostmann of Eagle.

2010 marks the 100th birthday of composer Frank Loesser and the 60th anniversary of "Guys and Dolls'" Broadway debut.  Over the years, several notable actors including Jerry Orbach, Nathan Lane, Patrick Swayze and Jessica Biel have all strutted their stuff portraying the memorable characters.

"Guys and Dolls" opens on Friday, July 16.  Performance dates are July 16-18*, 22-25*, 29-31 and August 1.

Performances times are 7:30pm Thursday-Saturday and 2pm matinees on Sundays.

July 18 and 25 have
both a 2pm matinee and 7:30pm evening performance.

Tickets are $16 and can be purchased by calling the Lofte box office at

(402) 234-2553.


Pictured are Betty and Samantha Colbert.  Betty played the role of Sarah Brown in 1992. 
Her daughter, Samantha will be playing the same role 18 years later at the Lofte Community Theatre.

The Lofte Community Theatre is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization supported in
part by The Cooper Foundation, The Midlands Community Foundation, and the Cass County
Visitors Promotion Committee.  The Lofte Community Theatre is dedicated to providing
opportunities for area residents of all ages to participate in the creation process and companionship
of live theatre in rural Nebraska and to enjoy the social, artistic, and educational benefits of this art form.




A Contest Fiddling Workshop for fiddlers who want to compete in fiddle contests is scheduled
for Saturday, September 11, from 1 PM - 3 PM,  in The Old Avoca Schoolhouse, in picturesque
Avoca, Nebraska.

This will be a wonderful opportunity for fiddlers of all ages  to learn to choose
appropriate tunes, work with their back-up players, and to communicate with an audience.

Participants should prepare a tune or two to play for their fellow fiddlers. 
Memorization is optional.

Pre-registration for the workshop is required.

The fee for the Contest Fiddling Workshop is $20.00 per fiddler.

For more information, call 402-275-3221, or e-mail





Visit the Cass County Fair website, and view all the preparations
for the 2010 Cass County Fair!

Click Here:


The CASS COUNTY GOING GREEN Recycle Trailer will be located in the
southwest corner of the Murray Rural Fire Dept.'s parking lot the following dates:

July 24 - 30
August 14 - 20
September 4 - 10
September 25 - October 1
October 15 - 22
November 6 - 12
November 27 - December 3
December 18 - 24

(The Waste Management recycle bins located behind Town Hall are for
Murray residents only, although Murray residents may also use the
Cass County Recycle Trailer.)




Event announcements and advertising can be an enormous expense when
you're wanting or needing to get the word out.  If you've checked into regular
newspaper pricing lately for such items, you'll know what I'm talking about.  So
why spend your hard-earned money, when you can accomplish the same thing
right here - FREE - on your local news website?

Below is a list of categories that will cost you absolutely nothing, except the
time to submit it, (which you'd have to do with a regular newspaper anyway):

Wedding / Engagement Announcements and Photos
Birth Announcements
Letters to the Editor
Birthday Greeting
Upcoming Events
Cards of Thanks
and So Much More.

That's right!  These are all items that can appear FREE of CHARGE
in each Wednesday's Murray Newsletter and/or Calendar!

All YOU have to do is send the information to us - it's that simple!

Deadline for submissions to each week's Wednesday Newsletter is
NO LATER THAN NOON on that week's MONDAY and it's so easy to submit
your news.

1.)  You may call your information to 402-235-2926,
Leave a voice mail with your name phone number.

2.)  Email your story to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
No 'zip' files, please, and send photos in jpg format, if possible,
no larger than 640 x 480 pixels.

3.)  Send items via the U.S. postal service to:
201 N How Ave, Murray, NE, 68409-8403. 
(When mailing items you'd like to get back, please enclose a self-addressed,
stamped envelope.)

Remember to include 'who, what, when, where and why', along with any other helpful
details, such as a contact person and phone.

Thanks for helping to keep YOUR Murray Newsletter fresh and up-to-date!



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So patronize the sponsors advertising here and tell them where you saw their ad,
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