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    About our Village of Murray

    Murray is a village in Cass County, Nebraska, United States. The population was 481 at the 2000 census. As of the census of 2000, there were 481 people, 188 households, and 140 families residing in the village. Read More
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    Conestoga Elementary School

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Sometimes if it's cool in the morning, before the heat of the day
takes hold, I like to go out on the deck with my cup of tea, while I
talk to the dog.  Good ol' Shadow usually greets me as soon as he
hears the door knob turn, so I was curious as to why he wasn't there
this particular morning, even though I could hear him very nearby.

Sure hoped he hadn't caught another squirrel or bunny rabbit and
taken it under the deck to play with again.

A couple of steps out on the deck, and there he was.  He'd decided
to take a nap under the Sweet Autumn clematis vine that's grown up
and over our deck railing.  When he tried to get up and walk, the vine
kept him right there.  Kind of reminded me of the Kentucky Derby
when they drape a wreath of roses around the horse's neck as he
stands in the winner's circle.

Hope your days start with a smile, too.     :)





The 2nd Annual Cass County Baseball League All-Star games for the
PeeWees and Ponys were held last Saturday, the 24th, in Weeping

All of the teams' coaches voted for the players who would best represent
their teams at the All-Star game - quite an honor for the players, but it
can be quite agonizing for those making the choices.

The teams were split up into two PeeWee teams, called North and South
and two Pony teams, East and West. They then had the fun of playing
a game with their former opponents as teammates.

Coaches of the #1 seeded teams for the season, Elmwood-Murdock for the
PeeWees and Nehawka for the Ponys
, loosely managed the players and let
the kids pick the positions they wanted to play and have a good time!

The Nehawka, (N), boys joined Elmwood-Murdock, (E-M), Louisville, (L),
and Plattsmouth, (P), for the North and East All-Star teams.   Syracuse,
Waverly, Eagle and other Elmwood-Murdock boys formed the South and
West teams, (not shown).

Teammates and coaches for the day are shown below:


PeeWees North All-Stars are above, left to right:

Back: Coach, Terry Carlton, Caleb Scattergood, (E-M), Dawson
Siemonsma, (P), Nick Goudie, (E-M), Daniel Callahan, (N), Gage Orton, (P),
Brook Fox, (N), Nic Snodgrass, (L),  and Coach, Hank Vice.
Middle: Derek Bornemeier, (E-M), Matt Morton, (N), Carter Terry, (L),
Logan Hoyt, (P), and Coach, David Havorka.
Front: Brady Dreamer, (E-M), Ryan Jensen, (N), Mason Maher, (L),
Brandon Frates, (E-M), Logan Zahn, (L),  and Morgan Robbins, (P).


Pony East All-Stars shown above are:

Back: Coach, Dave Cornish, Zach Heilig, (L), Brent Hoschar, (P), Levi Ropers, (WW), Reid Wagner, (P), Patrick Carlton, (N).

Front: Collin Heath, (WW), Connor Parette, (N), Joey Zyla, (L),  Connor Dukes, (P), Lucas Minor, (N) and Charlie Hasty, (P).

Coach, Jeff Faris, was absent, but helping Coach Cornish out for the day
were Phil Callahan and Mike Zeigler, (not pictured).



Come out to the WINE FESTIVAL with five bands starting at 1:00
and going to 10:00 p.m.

You can be the judge in the East vs. West

Nebraska wine competition
Pizza Smackdown.

All proceeds to benefit ALS in the Heartland (Lou Gehrig's Disease).

Raffles & give-aways.

$15 in advance/$20 at the door.

Call Barb Slattery at 402-267-5267 to order tickets.


Vineyard & Tasting Room
8925 Adams Street
Nehawka, NE


Show our military veterans how much
you care while you dance the night away
under the moonlit starry skies!!

The Confidentials, one of the region's premier
party bands will bring their soulful
blend of funk, jazz and reggae
to Sumtur Amphitheater on Aug. 20th
for an evening of singing, dancing
and a rockin' good time!
The band will be performing at a benefit
concert for the Veterans Memorial planned for the
campus of the Eastern Nebraska Veterans Home
in Bellevue.
The whole town is invited, so this is a party you won't want to miss!

Aug. 20, 2010
Gates open at 6pm.
The concert begins at 7pm.


Sumtur Amphitheater

11691 S. 108th St.

Papillion, NE
(about 1 mile south of Highway 370 on 108th St.)


To benefit the Veterans Memorial at the

Eastern Nebraska Veterans Home,

Bellevue, NE


Reserved Seating, $15; General Seating, $10

Concessions will be available.

Sponsored by:
Hy-Vee, Bellino Enterprises, and Night Vision Fireworks

For more information or to purchase advance tickets, call
Courtney Kucirek (402) 740-4184
Aimee Middleton (402) 672-5050.

Information about the Veterans Memorial can be found at


The CASS COUNTY GOING GREEN recycle trailer will be located in the
southwest corner of the Murray Rural Fire Dept.'s parking lot the following dates:

July 24 - 30
August 14 - 20
September 4 - 10
September 25 - October 1
October 15 - 22
November 6 - 12
November 27 - December 3
December 18 - 24

(The Waste Management recycle bins located behind Town Hall are for
Murray residents only, although Murray residents may also use the
Cass County Recycle Trailer.)




Performance Techniques Workshop

A Performance Techniques Workshop
for musicians who want to share their
with others is scheduled  for

Saturday, August 7,

from 1 PM - 3 PM,  in

The Old Avoca Schoolhouse,
in picturesque Avoca, Nebraska.

This will be a wonderful opportunity for
players of all ages to learn to channel their nerves
and to communicate with an audience.
Participants should prepare a short piece
to play for their fellow classmates.

Memorization is optional. 

Pre-registration for the workshop is required.

The fee for the Performance Techniques Workshop
is $20.00 per musician.

For more information, call 402-275-3221, or



Visit the Cass County Fair website, and view all the preparations
for the 2010 Cass County Fair!

Click Here:





Event announcements and advertising can be an enormous expense when
you're wanting or needing to get the word out.  If you've checked into regular
newspaper pricing lately for such items, you'll know what I'm talking about.  So
why spend your hard-earned money, when you can accomplish the same thing
right here - FREE - on your local news website?

Below is a list of categories that will cost you absolutely nothing, except the
time to submit it, (which you'd have to do with a regular newspaper anyway):

Wedding / Engagement Announcements and Photos
Birth Announcements
Letters to the Editor
Birthday Greeting
Upcoming Events
Cards of Thanks
and So Much More.

That's right!  These are all items that can appear FREE of CHARGE
in each Wednesday's Murray Newsletter and/or Calendar!

All YOU have to do is send the information to us - it's that simple!

Deadline for submissions to each week's Wednesday Newsletter is
NO LATER THAN NOON on the prior MONDAY and it's so easy to submit
your news.

1.)  You may call your information to 402-235-2926,
Leave a voice mail with your name phone number.

2.)  Email your story to Editor@MurrayNebraska.com

No 'zip' files, please, and send photos in jpg format, if possible,
no larger than 640 x 480 pixels.

3.)  Send items via the U.S. postal service to:
Editor, MurrayNebraska.com
201 N How Ave, Murray, NE, 68409-8403. 
(When mailing items you'd like to get back, please enclose a self-addressed,
stamped envelope.)

Remember to include 'who, what, when, where and why', along with any other helpful details, such as a contact person and phone.

Thanks for helping to keep YOUR Murray Newsletter fresh and up-to-date!





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