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Murray Newsletter - July 8, 2015

 fireworks 13

2015-07-04 MFF_SHIRTS



Independence Day 2015 in Murray, Nebraska started at 7 a.m. with a hearty breakfast at the Murray Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department's annual pancake feed that was scheduled to end at 11 a.m.. Steaming hotcakes, sausage, a fruit cup, juice and coffee starts any day off right. The fire hall was packed wall-to-wall and I was told the last pancake was actually served a little after noon. A couple of hours earlier, you really had to search for a chair and a place to set your plate, because almost every table was filled. Around that time, too, the line waiting to be served reached out to the edge of the front driveway to Highway 1. We always look forward to running into friends we don't get to see very often. It's always heart-warming to see, not only Murray residents, but surrounding communities' folks, who come to generously support our dedicated firefighters and EMT's at this long-standing event. Without this kind of support our MVFD would surely not be able to help any of us in our time of need. I know tthey appreciate all of the generous donations as much as we appreciate all the fine men and women on the squad.

2015-07-04 MVFD_pancakes1

2015-07-04 MVFD_pancakes2

2015-07-04 MVFD_pancakes_3

2015-07-04 MVFD_pancakes_4

2015-07-04 MVFD_pancakes_5

In the cool, early morning, approximately 50 runners signed-up for the 5K fun run which took place all within the village city limits. Starting at Young park on the west, weaving through town to Conestoga Elementary on the north, east to Ahrens Grain along Railroad Avenue and on the south edge to Highway 1, walkers, joggers and runners made their way back to the park. Thanks to Anytime Fitness in Plattsmouth for your help in organizing this event!

2015-07-04 5K_runners2

Looks like these guys are running for the pancakes! 

2015-07-04 5K_4

2015-07-04 5K_runners1

Oozeball was back this year and, although there were fewer teams than a few years ago, it was lots of fun, watching both kids and adults slipping and sliding around in the cool mud. If you get too close you could become the innocent victim of a 'big splat' from a stray volleyball or an out-of-bounds player! With our water tower in the process of being refurbished, Murray residents have been conserving water, so Nehawka VFD generously brought tankers in to flood the three oozeball courts for us, so the games could go on. Good neighbors do that - help each other out - not only in bad times, but in the happy times, too! You're good neighbors, Nehawka, and we thank you!

2015-07-04 Mud_volleyball

2015-07-04 Oozeball_8

2015-07-04 Oozeball_7

2015-07-04 Yep_thats_mud

2015-07-04 Oozeball_4_1

2015-07-04 Oozeball_3

2015-07-04 Oozeball

2015-07-04 Oozeball_6

By late-morning, all through the village, the celebration was in full swing. Grills were sizzling with juicy burgers and hot-diggity dogs and kids set-up shop in cardboard storefronts, hoping to get rich selling popsicles and cold drinks from their front yards.

2015-07-04 popsicle_stand


If you were lucky, you would see a miniature dragon, super hero or princess showing off their colorful, painted faces at the kiddy carnival. Giggles came from the bouncy house and from the top of the giant inflatable slide, while tiny tattooed arms waved little American flags from baby strollers. Cars and trucks started filling the grassy field south of the ball diamond and pickups were readied for picnicking tailgaters. All day long you could hear fireworks cracking near where families and friends gathered.

2015-07-04 Kiddy_carnival_7

2015-07-04 please_donate

2015-07-04 Kiddy_carnival_2

2015-07-04 Kiddy_carnival_3

2015-07-04 Kiddy_carnival_4

2015-07-04 Kiddy_Carnival_6

2015-07-04 Face_painting_1_copy

2015-07-04 Face_paint_2

If you wanted to prove your physical strength or had any pent-up frustrations, you definitely had a chance to get rid of them at the 'Smash-a-Truck' event! With only a pick-up truck, donated by Sharp's Towing in Plattsmouth, and a sledge hammer, you could whack the daylights (or headlights!) out of it to get relief from your aggravations! Thank you, Billy Sharp,  for loaning us this vehicle for the day. (You didn't want it back in one piece, did you?)

2015-07-04 Smash_a_Truck

As the day grew warmer, some folks, looking for a place to cool off, retreated to the Christian Church for homemade ice cream and pie or to Town Hall for a few games of Bingo. Throughout the day, kids enjoyed the new playground equipment at Tyson Park, while parents sat in lawn chairs, talking and laughing with friends.

2015-07-04 Concession_stand

2015-07-04 Mel_and_Jeff_Jamison_1

Anyone could be in the parade, so they just had to show up and get in line. By early evening there were nearly 40 entrants! Boy Scouts proudly led the parade, carrying our nation's colors and pretty girls threw candy from trucks. Included in the procession were antique tractors along with (some) of their antique farmers! Kids drove their go-carts and race car drivers could only creep down this track in their prized race cars. Fire and rescue vehicles sounded their sirens, kids rode church floats, on a hay wagon, and in the back of pick-ups for the short trip through the middle of the village.  Children, young and old, all along the sides of the parade route, scurried and scooped up candy as if it were gold!

2015-07-04 Parade_1

2015-07-04 Parade_3

2015-07-04 parade_4

2015-07-04 Parade_6

2015-07-04 MPC_float

2015-07-04 MCC_float

2015-07-04 MCC_close-up

2015-07-04 tractor

2015-07-04 CHS_Dance_Team

2015-07-04 CHS_Dance_closeup

2015-07-04 Dance_Team_2

2015-07-04 Tractor1

2015-07-04 Classic_Chevy_truck

2015-07-04 FBLA

2015-07-04 Sunset_Go-kart_banner

2015-07-04 Go-carts

2015-07-04 Go-karts_2

2015-07-04 44_Car

2015-07-04 4-wheeler

2015-07-04 Parade_candy

We were honored to have lots of  'royalty' grace our parade, too.  Long-time Murray resident, Chris Spangler, was unanimously chosen as our Grand Marshal;  Gracie and Jace Sequin were Little Miss and Mr. Murray;  Ellen Rice, Miss Murray;  Jenna Schroeder, Miss Plattsmouth;  Miss Cass County, Taylor Hermann; and the Plattsmouth Harvest Festival's King and Queen, Art Tesarek and DeLayne Martin,  joined in the fun.

2015-07-04 Chris_Spangler1

2015-07-04 Ellen_Rice_Miss_Murray

2015-07-04 Jenna_Schroeder

2015-07-04 Mss_Cass_Cty_Taylor_L

2015-07-04 Delayne_Martin_Art_Tesarek_1

As the blue and pink twilight sky turned dark, the twinkling stars seemed to lure people from all directions, back to the field below the water tower to conclude their day. First came an announcement, then a hush, and Linda Grunewald started singing, with her sweet voice, our nation's anthem. People stopped in their tracks, respectfully removed their hats and placed their hands over their hearts. Some gently hummed or quietly sang along. Then, with the luck of the draw, Jerome Speck pushed the detonator and - with a flash - the night sky exploded with a brilliance and a thunder that can only be described with a quote from the beloved patriotic hymn, "the rocket's red glare and (friendly) bombs bursting in air"!  At nearly 21 minutes long and with only about a 10-second pause near the end of the show, this was truly the BEST, and most spectacular fireworks display that I've ever witnessed in Murray- and I've seen almost 40 of them! Many spectators expressed the same, even with standing ovations. Thanks to Todd Morris of Night Vision Fireworks and to our Beaver Lake neighbor, Jim Howe, who helped to make this happen! It was truly a sight to see and appreciate!!!

2015-07-04 Night_Vision_fireworks_trailer_1

Last, but not least, a BIG THANK YOU to the Village Board of Murray for the use of  the parks, 5K and parade routes and Town Hall - to all individuals and businesses who gifted funds or supplies and to all the wonderful volunteers, young and old, who helped with this celebration.  Thanks, too, to everyone who came out to join in the celebration!
Below are just a few of the volunteers that helped to make this celebration happen:
2015-07-04 Volunteers

2015-07-04 Gretchen_and_Shannon_King_copy

2015-07-04 Jack_Prall_Mike_Zeigler_Kevin_Smith

2015-07-04 Ina_Rowe

2015-07-04 Ricky__Gretchen_King_1



In reflection, the Murray Freedom Festival group has worked hard for the past year to plan a day full of fun for everyone. These committed people have tried to keep the public posted as plans progressed throughout the year. Many times members have been discouraged by the lack of participation by others who say they want the celebration to keep going, yet they hesitate to help, even in a small way. 

Wouldn't it be ironic that a day such as this, with a 'grand finale' of this calibur, could possibly, literally, be the 'FINAL' Murray celebration of this important, patriotic day? Are you willing to step up to the plate and give a little of your time? With all that we have to be thankful for in our village, state and country, I should hope not. The Freedom Festival group needs your help to start planning for next year. We're interested in hearing your ideas.  This is your call to action.   When you're with family and friends, start brainstorming and jot down your thoughts, pros and cons, for suggestions for the celebration.  Then please send your comments to this address: or mail them to Editor, 201 N. How Ave, Murray, NE.  I will NOT publish them in this Newsletter, but I will share them at a future meeting of the Freedom Festival group.  It could help to make this event even better next year!

 Thank you!

 Murray-Beaver Lake Lions Club Crowns 'Miss Murray' 2015 at Lakeridge Golf Tournament.

2015-07-08 MRY_Miss_Mrry_Ellen_Rice

2015-07-08 MRRY_LIONS_C_James_E_Rice 

Congratulations, Ellen!



2015-07-01 MRY_PRES_VBS 







Treasurer Stenberg Announces Upcoming

Unclaimed Property Outreach Events, Two New Venues

Lincoln, Neb. (July 6, 2015) – The Unclaimed Property Division of the Nebraska State Treasurer's Office will kick off its 2015 outreach season July 10-12 in Fremont at the John C. Fremont Days. This is the first time in recent years that Unclaimed Property specialists will visit Fremont to help Nebraskans search for unclaimed property and to file claims, State Treasurer Don Stenberg said today.

Visitors will be able to easily search and file claims for property being held in their names. One in five Nebraskans has unclaimed property, so visitors are also encouraged to search for property belonging to family members, friends, businesses, and local organizations, and share that information with the potential owners.

A total of 4,146 properties valued at more than $887,000 are being held for residents of Fremont and elsewhere in Dodge County, Treasurer Stenberg said.

"We are looking forward to being in Fremont for the first time in recent years and to reuniting Dodge County residents with their unclaimed property. And we are looking forward to being at the Sarpy County Fair in late July, also for the first time in recent years," said Stenberg. He reminded Nebraskans that they can search for unclaimed property anytime at and in many cases file claims online through the website.

In Sarpy County, almost 22,000 properties valued at more than $4.2 million are being held by the Treasurer's Office.

"These two new outreach location and the locations we return to each year provide ideal opportunities for us to meet Nebraskans and help them search for money being held in their names or in the names of their businesses or family members," Stenberg said. "Outreach events also provide an opportunity for us to explain how the unclaimed property program works and how properties come to be turned over to the state."

The state is holding more than $135 million in unclaimed property for more than 350,000 Nebraskans and their heirs. Common forms of unclaimed property are uncashed paychecks, unused gift cards, refunds, rental deposits, utility deposits, stocks, dividends, insurance payments, savings bonds, matured CDs, and lost IRAs. The state paid out more than $11.7 million to unclaimed property owners in 2014.

The complete outreach schedule includes the following locations:

Fremont, July 10-12, John C. Fremont Days
Hastings, July 15-18, Adams County Fair
Beatrice, July 22-26, Gage County Fair
Springfield, July 29-Aug. 2, Sarpy County Fair
York, Aug. 6-9, York County Fair
Grand Island, Aug. 28-Sept. 7, Nebraska State Fair
Grand Island, Sept. 15-17, Husker Harvest Days
Nebraska City, Sept. 19-20, Applejack Festival
Kearney, Nov. 18-19, Gateway Farm Expo
Norfolk, Jan. 13-14, 2016, Northeast Nebraska Farm & Equipment Show

Additional ways to search for unclaimed property and file claims include the following:

Check the Nebraska State Treasurer's website at Type a name in the box on the home page or click on the Unclaimed Property tab at the top of the page.

For an amount less than $500, an owner may file a claim online through the website. The owner must include required documentation.

For an amount greater than $500, an owner may complete the claim form found on the website and mail to the State Treasurer's Office, Unclaimed Property Division, 809 P St., Lincoln, NE 68508-1390. The form must be notarized.

Call the Unclaimed Property Division at 1-877-572-9688 toll free outside of Lincoln or 402-471-8497 in Lincoln. Phone calls are taken between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., CT, weekdays.

Visit the Unclaimed Property office at 809 P Street in Lincoln or in the Treasurer's Office in Suite 2005 of the State Capitol. Hours at both locations are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. An owner should bring a driver's license and Social Security card. If filing on behalf of a business or a deceased family member, the owner should bring documentation to establish legal authority to file the claim.


 2015-06-03 LadybugGrassFlower2015-06-03 LadybugGrassFlower


 2015-07-08 LOFTE_Proof_auditions





The Lofte Community Theatre in Manley will be holding open auditions for the award-winning play, 'Proof' on July 20 and 21 at 7 pm. Written by David Auburn, this play won both the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award in 2001.

Artistic Director Kevin Colbert is looking for two women and two men to bring this story to life. Catherine is the brilliant daughter of an esteemed mathematician who has just died after a prolonged mental illness. One of the professor's students has discovered a wealth of cutting-edge calculations and assumes they are the work of his late mentor. Can Catherine provide proof that the work is hers, and that she's not mentally ill like her father?

Rehearsals will begin in late July. Production dates for the play are August 29-30, September 3-6 and 11-13. Actors planning to audition should bring a list of possible schedule conflicts and be prepared to perform cold readings from the script. Those with questions may call the theater at (402) 234-2553 or email the director at This email address at The Lofte is located just a mile east of the town of Manley near the intersection of Hwy 50 and Hwy 1.





Thursday, July 9, 4 PM - 6 PM, Debby, In Concert, Tabor Farmer's Market, 807 Main St., Tabor, IA


Saturday, July 18, 7 PM, David in "Nebraska Territory Stories", Education Center, Homestead National Monument, Beatrice, NE



2015-07-08 LSVL_LCC_Informer1

2015-07-08 LSVL_LCC_Informer_2


 2015-07-08 ELM_bubble_soccer

Elmwood Rescue to Host 'Bubble Soccer' Event


The Elmwood Nebraska Rescue team is in need of a new defibrillator, so how can we help? Gather your friends who love soccer, form a team and
get registered before August 16 for the Sunday, September 13th fun! Details below:

Elmwood Park
4th and F Street
Elmwood, Nebraska 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Registration Deadline August 16

Check-in at 12:00 Noon on Sunday, September 13, Play Starts 1pm

$25 Per Person guarantees
2 games, event shirt, and water bottle.

Contact 402-802-0078 or message us on Facebook for a Registration Packet and for more information!

(Sponsorships available)



2015-07-08 PLT_Slide_a_Thon




2015-07-08 PLT_PeeWee_Harrison



2015-07-08 PLT_Adult_Softball




2015-07-08 PLT_Finding_Nemo




2015-07-08 PLT_Doggie_Day



2015-07-08 PLT_Adult_Flag_Football




2015-07-08 PLT_Zumba_Party



 2015-07-08 PLT_Hrvst_Festival


2015-07-01 LSVL_UMC_VBS1_2015-07-01 LSVL_UMC_VBS2


500 SO. 18TH ST.


Wednesday, July 15th               8:30 AM to 7:00 PM

Thursday, July 16th                     8:30 AM to 7:00 PM

Friday, July 17th                        8:30 AM to 1:00 PM

  • BAG SALE starts Thursday at 3:00 PM
  • We are having a SPECIAL BOOK SALE
  • We will be serving food so come join us for lunch

  • 2015-06-24 PLTS_Library

     2015-06-24 LOFTE_Godspell

    2015-06-24 WW_Schools_Golf

    2015-06-17 CASA_volunteers_needed

    2015-06-03 PLTS_library_summer_read

     2015-05-27 LSVL_LHSIJ

    2015-06-03 HLDGRD_BRIDGES_photographers


    Hildegard Center for the Arts, in partnership with the Nebraska Tourism Commission and the Nebraska State Historical Society, is sponsoring a statewide "Call to Photographers" for the great state of Nebraska. The Call begins June 1, 2015 through January 4, 2016 and is titled "Bridges: Sharing our Past to Enrich the Future". It is calling photographers throughout Nebraska to highlight historic places and often over-looked historical treasures in all of the State's 93 counties ~ historical sites either found on the National Register of Historic Places OR places of community/personal significance to the photographer. i.e. historic properties, recognized historical landmarks, cultural activities/events with a basis in local history and in context with a historic place, or historic buildings that are representative or unique. From Adams to Antelope, Banner to Butler, Garden to Gage, Scottsbluff to Sheridan, and Dundy to Douglas, this juried exhibition is serving as a bridge to connect Nebraskans with their culture and heritage.

    Photographs selected from this juried exhibition:

    · Will be featured in a statewide traveling photography exhibit that coincides with Nebraska's sesquicentennial in 2017

    · May appear in Nebraska Tourism travel guides, posters and calendars to promote this project and the State of Nebraska.

    · Will be showcased in a digital catalogue.

    · All submitted photos will be featured virtually on partnering websites. (Hildegard Center for the Arts, Nebraska Tourism Commission, Nebraska State Historical Society).

    Photographs can be submitted online at the Hildegard Center for the Arts website,, beginning June 1, 2015 through January 4, 2016.

    Entrants must be at least 15 years of age and need NOT be residents of Nebraska. Photographers may enter up to 5 images per submission for a non-refundable fee of $15. Multiple submissions are allowed. For a complete list of entry rules and judging criteria, go to

    Questions: Contact Project Chair, Cathy Harrington | 402.730.6668;

    2015-05-20 PLTSM_Plaza



    Do something good for your community and our earth!

    The CASS COUNTY GOING GREEN recycle trailer will be located on these dates in the following towns:

    GREAT NEWS!  Beaver Lake and Union now will have full-time recycling trailers!


    July 8 - 17
    Aug 1-14
    Aug 29-Sep 11
    Sep 26 - 30 






    Monday, July 13 - Friday, July 17, Schoolhouse Fiddle Camp for Intermediate and Advanced Fiddlers (To register on line, log on to:

    Registration is now open for the 2015 Schoolhouse Fiddle Camp, in the Old Avoca Schoolhouse, in Avoca, Nebraska. Deborah Greenblatt, championship fiddler, author of many fiddle collections, will help the campers get in touch with their inner fiddler. The course of study during the Schoolhouse Fiddle Camps will be designed specifically for the individual campers who sign up.

    The July Camp (Monday, July 13 - Friday, July 17) is for folks who consider themselves intermediate or advanced. Enrollment is limited to 10 fiddlers for each week, so that everyone will get individual attention.

    For more information, e-mail Deborah at

    To register on line, log on to: 

    2014-11-19 Cass_County_Fair_2015 

     2015-06-03 FlowerButterfliesDragonfliesWhite


    If you think shopping or donating close to home doesn't matter, think again. 
    Under His Wings Thrift Store on Main Street in Plattsmouth is doing great things. Check this out:

    2015-02-11 PLTSMTH_Under_His_Wings

    So stop in and see what's in store now.  You will probably find some great bargains and all the money they raise stays within Cass County to help those in need.

    Ice Cream_treat_border


    Lori Williams of Murray, NE was paralyzed due to an accident  and her family is under mounting financial stress.   

     The Murray Presbyterian Deacons, aka "Mighty Murray Small Church",  with the help of Schwan's Ice Cream and YOU, will be donating funds to help out Lori and her family.  Lori's family, will receive 5% of Schwan's purchases for one full year, to October 2, 2015,  when you order using special fundraiser code ID# 32144.    You may place your order over the phone at1-855-870-7208.  You will need to give the code number above.  You may also order online, at .  The 'campaign ID number' is 13054.   

    Go to 'Shop Now' and an online catalog, with the name 'Sherrill Konfrst', (church deacon),  will be presented to you.  Please direct any questions you might have to Sherrill at 402-235-2844.   

     If you live in the U.S. and have local Schwan's delivery, you may participate in this worthy cause.  A Schwan's delivery person will deliver your products directly to your home and you'll be helping Lori and her family.  Feel free to forward this to your friends across the country!    

     Thank you for your support!

    2014-10-22 LSVL_Hopes_Closet

    2015-05-06 SARPY_CASS_Safety_Seat_Inspect_copy

    2015-02-11 ELM_4-pt_Pitch


    The following is an employment opportunity available to older adults in Cass County.

    Experience Works is a national, non-profit organization funded by the US Dept of Labor to administer the Senior Community Service Employment Program, which assists people 55 and older in getting updated training to assist in returning to the workforce. This is a federally funded program and offers a no-cost employment service to older adults who qualify. Once accepted into the program, individuals are placed in a training site in or near their community, where they gain on the job experience while working 20-21 hours/week at $8/hour. We also help with skill assessments, computer training, resumes, cover letters, job search, etc. The goal is that through the training and job search assistance we gain help older adults gain good jobs in or around their communities.

    Stephanie Mahony
    Employment and Training Coordinator
    Experience Works, Inc.
    1111 "O" Street Ste 205--American Job Center
    Lincoln, NE 68508 

    Phone: 402-441-1654
    Fax: 402-441-6038

    Nebraska Tollfree Number: 1-877-314-7526

    2015-01-14 Amer_Job_LOGO
    2015-01-14 American_Job_Center

    2014-08-27 ELMWD_BNPMonthlySchedule 




    2014-03-12 VFW_

    2014-05-28 Al-Anon


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