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Murray Newsletter - July 19, 2017




 2017 07 19 Bee quote




During the Freedom Festival, at the Kids' Carnival hosted by Murray Presbyterian Church July 4th, children put their names in for a chance to carry the parade banner.  These two kids won, but now we want to properly recognize them!

2017 07 04 MFF Parade banner carriers  

Do you know their names, please?  We won't publish their last names, but want to give a shout out to them for doing a great job in leading the parade with the banner, especially on such a hot day.  

Thanks, Kids!

Be sure to visit our updated website with lots of pictures and a survey you can take with a link to it on the home page at:  www.murrayfreedomfestivalne.com .


2017 07 19 BVR LK MVFD fun run



patrotic animated 4th of July fireworks 1

for FUTURE FUN at the

CLICK HERE for A PRINTABLE SURVEY or go to www.murrayfreedomfestivalne.com where it's on the left side of the home page.

Our next regular monthly meeting will be on Tuesday, August 1, 2017, at Murray Presbyterian Church, 7 pm.  Please plan to attend and share your thoughts and ideas with us.  

To be added to the meeting's agenda, please send an email to murrayfreedomfestival@gmail.com and state your contact information and the topic you'd like to discuss.  

Thank you!




2012 07 25 CASA LOGO


Cass Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) is currently recruiting CASA advocates to speak up for the best interest of abused and neglected children in Cass County.

The next training session is scheduled to begin October 1 and will run for five weeks. The training consists of 15 hours of online training and 15 hours of in-person training.

We are also seeking male volunteers for this class as over 60% of our CASA children are males.

If you are interested, please contact Debbie Green at (402) 296-9521; email dgreen@casscasa.org or if you would like to learn more information about our program, please visit www.casscasa.org.



2017 07 19 PLT One Life Chrch Back2SchoolBash2017Poster






There was a good turn-out for the informative Public Information Open House Meeting of the Nebraska Department of Roads, (NDOR), at Conestoga Elementary School early Tuesday evening, July 17, 2017.

Interested citizens were greeted at the gymnasium door and asked to sign-in. Large maps were affixed to the walls and spokespersons were at each station to answer questions about the upcoming project.

2017 07 18 NDOR MTNG 12017 07 18 NDOR MTNG 22017 07 18 NDOR MTNG 3

One of the main concerns was about the railroad viaduct bridge. Railroad Avenue will be closed to through traffic during removal and construction of the new viaduct, with a possible start date of Spring 2018, with completion of that portion of the project before winter.

Attendees were assured that one lane of the bridge would remain open throughout duration of the project, with the use of traffic control lights. It's imperative to keep the viaduct open due to the urgent needs of fire and rescue units. As the north side of the bridge is constructed, pedestrian access would be via the existing south sidewalk along the existing traffic lane. When the north side of the bride is finished, pedestrians will then have the use of a much wider, 7-foot-wide, sidewalk on the north side of the viaduct. This will be the only sidewalk across, as there will be none on the south side of the new structure.  

Other improvements will include reconstruction of guardrails, curbs, underdrains and storm sewers along the project area.

Only one building will be removed during the entire project. This will be the small house on the northeast side of the current viaduct, located just southwest of Murray Building and Supply.  

Resurfacing and improvements of Highway 1 from just east of 84th Street to the Davis Avenue intersection will likely take place in 2019.  

The Highway 75 improvements north of Murray to Plattsmouth would most likely start in 2020.

You may click here for a .pdf of the information and map of the proposed project.

For more information, you can visit the NDOR website:


2017 07 18 NDOR MTNG 4

2017 07 18 NDOR MTNG 5


2017 07 19 4 H Fair Kickoff



stained glass

Murray Christian Church is seeking to borrow the stained-glass windows and any other memorabilia from the former church when it was located on Highway 1, near the railroad overpass.

If you have any of these items, or know someone who does, please call 402-296-4362 or 402-658-0304.

Thank you!

(The above photo is NOT an actual item the church is looking for.)



Nebraska Child Support Payment Center
In Lincoln to Move to New Home
Final Move-in Date to Be Announced Later

Lincoln, Neb. (July 10, 2017) – The Nebraska Child Support Payment Center, a division of the Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office, will move from 233 S. Tenth St. in Lincoln, a few blocks away to 421 S. Ninth St., early this autumn, State Treasurer Don Stenberg said today.

Treasurer Stenberg said the move is necessitated by the Lincoln Lancaster County Public Building Commission’s decision to vacate the building that had housed the Child Support Payment Center since it was established by state and federal law in 2001. The date of the move will be announced later.

The center, which is responsible for collecting and disbursing child support, became a division of the State Treasurer’s Office in 2000 in an interagency agreement with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. Enforcement of non-custodial parents’ responsibilities for child support payments rests with DHHS and county attorneys.

“This new location is centrally located in downtown Lincoln and is well suited to the Child Support Payment Center’s scaled-down needs. It is a convenient location for non-custodial parents paying child support and is close to other governmental buildings,” Treasurer Stenberg said. “An attractive feature of the new location will be a secure, self-serve kiosk where child support payments can be made 24/7, 365 days a year, adding even more convenience for child support payers.”

The kiosk will be located in an inside lobby with security cameras. Metered parking will be available on Eighth and Ninth streets, and one handicapped parking stall will be reserved near the entrance to the building.

The new location on Ninth Street offers 5,500 square feet of space and is available to the Treasurer’s Office through a space allocation agreement with the State Building Division of the Nebraska Department of Administrative Services. The Child Support Payment Center occupies 7,000 square feet in its current location, but the smaller quarters better suits today’s streamlined operation that makes use of electronic payments and requires fewer employees.

In addition to the move, Stenberg announced that PayPal has been added as an option for parents paying child support. The Nebraska Child Support Payment Center is the first child support payment center in the country to accept payments through PayPal. PayPal is made available through Value Payment Systems, a payment service provider for government and education clients in more than 40 states. A 2.49 percent fee will be charged for payments processed through a user’s PayPal account.
Stenberg said greater reliance on the electronic transfer of money has enabled the center to reduce its workforce significantly in recent years. In 2001—when more than 85 percent of payments coming into the center were made by paper check—the center employed at least 60 staff members, working two shifts and supplemented at busy times with employees from other agencies. The staff now numbers 20.

Today 82 percent of all child support payments are received electronically—compared with 14.4 percent in 2002, the first full year of operation—and 98 percent of all child support payments are distributed electronically—compared with 41 percent in the beginning.

“The Nebraska Child Support Payment Center has been at the forefront of adapting technology to improve efficiency and security and to lower the cost of receiving and disbursing child support payments,” Stenberg said. He said the average cost to process one payment has dropped from $2.54 in 2002 to 96 cents today.

“We have been successful in encouraging non-custodial parents to submit payments electronically or through their employers and in making it possible for custodial parents to receive payments electronically as well, reducing the expense of paper, printing, postage, and staff time, and ensuring that families receive the money to which they are entitled quickly and seamlessly,” Stenberg said.

Troy Reiners, director, said the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center offers more options, by far, for paying child support than any other payment center in the country. PayPal is a welcome option for people without banking or checking accounts or people who maintain active PayPal accounts for making internet purchases, he said

Among the available payment options, in addition to PayPal, are PayNearMe, MoneyGram, Western Union, auto withdrawal, over the phone, through the website, and at the kiosk in the Lincoln center and in the entryway of the Douglas County District Court Clerk’s Office in Omaha. In addition to Nebraska’s two kiosks, payments also can be made at U.S. Payments’ PaySite kiosks at more than 450 locations in 30 states. Through PayNearMe, payments can be made at Family Dollar, 7-Eleven, Ace Cash Express and CVS Pharmacy. Additionally, a large number of payers make payments through their employers.

“We are the leading child support center in the country in terms of payment options offered to payers. We offer more methods than any other center. This is important because when payers have multiple, convenient options to make their payments, they are more likely to pay and children are more likely to receive the financial support they need to live happy and healthy lives,” Reiners said. He said the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center processes payments from people living in every state and many foreign countries, as well as from payers serving in the U.S. military around the world.

Another new feature is the use of text messages to alert child support payers that their payments are due, Reiners said. From links on the text message, payers can access their billing statements and the center’s website landing page that displays the payment options. The use of text messaging has reduced the number of paper statements mailed to child support payers, saving the state as much as $15,000 a month in paper, postage, and processing. In the last 10 years, the center has reduced the number of paper billing statements mailed monthly from 76,000 to 5,000, he said.

Details about payment options are available at https://childsupport.nebraska.gov/ncp/


2017 06 28 Gretchen cleaning


2011 garage sale

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2017 07 05 LOFTE audition Wait Until Dark
Auditions for ‘Wait Until Dark’
at Lofte Community Theatre

The Lofte Community Theatre near Manley will be holding open auditions for its upcoming thriller, “Wait Until Dark,” on Monday, July 31 and Tuesday, August 1 at 7pm. Artistic Director Kevin Colbert is looking for one woman, three men and one young girl to fill out the cast.

“Wait Until Dark,” is a classic thriller of Susan Hendrix, a blind yet capable woman imperiled by a trio of men in her apartment. As night falls, Susan discovers that her blindness just may be the key to escape. The play first debuted on Broadway in 1966 and was released as a major film starring Audrey Hepburn in 1967.

Production dates for the play are Sept 8-10 and 14-17. Rehearsals will begin in mid-August. Those wishing to audition should bring a list of possible schedule conflicts and be prepared to read from the script. No experience is necessary, but actors should be prepared to work hard and have fun.

The Lofte is located just northeast of the intersection of Hwy 1 and Hwy 50 in Cass County, near the town of Manley.



04 17 2010 Town Hall


Many of us know how convenient it is to pay our utility bills electronically.  No writing out checks, no stamps or envelopes, just a couple of clicks and it's done.

The Village of Murray would like to know how many residents would actually use this service for payment of their water bills. Electronic payments would cost the Village a small amount per transaction to process, however the higher the number of users, the less it would cost.

If you're interested in this service, call Eileen at Town Hall, 402-235-2119. and ask that your name be added to the 'interested' list. It's not a guarantee that this will happen, but it will give the Board a good idea of how many are interested and if it should be implemented.

Pass this word on to your neighbors, and ask them to call if they, too, are interested.





2017 05 24 BVR LK jobs






Last October 20, 2016, as children were anxiously anticipating Halloween and lots of trick-or-treating, a beautiful, young family of six perished in the night, as their rural home went up in flames. Four little girls, Elli, Adilynn, Emma, ages 11, 7 and 5, were students at Conestoga Elementary and had many friends, in and around the surrounding area, as did their baby sister, Anniston, 2, and their parents, Mike and Michelle Speer.

In honor of her family, JoLynne Lehan, Mike's mom, has directed that donations go to Conestoga's outdoor classroom, Cougar Hollow. With the four little girls' love of performing, playing and being out-of-doors exploring nature, in mind, the new additions for this special area will include a pavilion for outdoor instruments, a chalkboard and chairs. A memorial fountain will be added at a later date.

A brick walking path will direct visitors to this special area. If you would like to honor this family with a loving tribute, you may purchase a  memorial brick paver for $75. You may add any name to be engraved on the brick. There is space for 3 rows, with each row including a total of 14 characters, (including spaces). The clock is ticking...you need to order soon. Download an order form with complete directions and contact information here.

Thank you for helping to make this vision possible!




 2017 06 28 MNLY Pillage

2017 07 12 MNLY Pillage car show



2017 07 19 AVO Library Treasure Hunt fb



2017 07 19 CEDAR CREEK Jagfest



2017 07 19 BLV Gifford Farm Teacher Appreciation Night



.2017 07 19 GRN CAR SHOW

2017 07 19 GRN 5K



2017 07 19 SYR Rope Fest 500



2017 07 19 Spirit of Brownville


2017 07 12 Lofte Spamalot cast

Quest for ‘SPAMALOT’ at Lofte Community Theatre

King Arthur and his knights are on a quest to find the Holy Grail and their search begins at the Lofte Community Theatre!

The Broadway smash, ‘Monty Python’s SPAMALOT’ opens on the Lofte stage Friday, July 21. The stage musical is lovingly ripped from the 1975 cult classic film, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” Winner of three Tony Awards, ‘SPAMALOT’ retells the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. But, in true Monty Python style, their adventure takes a silly spin. The production features beautiful show girls, cows, killer rabbits, plague-ridden peasants and rude Frenchmen. ’SPAMALOT’ originally ran on Broadway for three years and was seen by more than two million people. Popular songs from the show include, “The Song That Goes Like This,” and “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.”

Directed by Kevin Colbert, the production features Chris Berger of Louisville as King Arthur and Catherine Bobst of Lincoln as Lady of the Lake. In 2016, they played leads Harold Hill and Marian Paroo in the Lofte’s production, “The Music Man.” Sir Lancelot is played by Wade Mumford of Lincoln. Aaron Spracklin of Elmwood shines as Sir Galahad. Brave Sir Robin is brought to life by Matthew Parker of Papillion and Lowgaen Schmidt of Louisville is the humble Sir Bedevere.

“These are some of the best voices in the area,” said Colbert. “We’ve got a great cast and that should translate into a great show this summer. Python is sort of check-your-brain-at-the-door humor, so folks can come and just laugh.” Colbert does mention that there is some mild adult humor and suggests a PG-13 rating.

Show dates for ‘SPAMALOT’ are July 21-23, 27-30 and August 4 and 5. Tickets are $19. Sunday, August 6 is already sold out so those interested in tickets should make their reservations soon. The Lofte is also offering a Medieval themed pre-show luncheon, complete with games and entertainment available for purchase on Sunday, July 23 and 30. Advance reservations are required for the meal. The Lofte box office can be reached at 402.234.2553, or tickets can be purchased online at Lofte.org.


2017 07 05 PLT St Johns Rummage Sale



2017 07 11 ASH MSP veterans event


Greenblatt Seay LOGO

Saturday, July 22, 11 AM & 2 PM, David, In Concert/Harmonica Workshop, Ash Hollow, Lewellen, NE

Tuesday, August 1, 2 PM, David, in “Nebraska Territory Stories”, Whispering Cedars Baptist Camp, Genoa, NE

Saturday, August 19, 12 Noon, David, in “Train Songs and Tales, Youth Tent, Downtown Sidney, NE

Saturday, August 19, 2 PM, David, Harmonica Workshop and Show, Family Tent, Downtown Sidney, NE

Wednesday, August 23, 2 PM, David, in “Nebraska Territory Stories”, Nebraska Museum of Art, Kearney, NE

Sunday, October 15, 2:30 PM, Schoolhouse Fiddling Bee, in The Old Avoca Schoolhouse, Avoca, NE


2017 07 05 PLT Lib Solar Eclipse 20170728


2017 07 05 PLT Library Solar Eclipse with OAS


 2017 06 28 4 H Community Service Workshop


2017 06 28 EGL BALL INS BBQ







2017 06 28 MNLY Pillage 1



2017 07 19 ELM Bubble Soccer Flyer 2017





2017 06 14 PLT Kids Cruisin Kitchen poster



GP sarpy072617

See details at www.gpsold.com



2017 05 31 rvsd LSV LTD LCM schedule



2017 05 31 WW pool Copy 2




For more info on any of these events, call:
LTD OUTDOORS LLC, 402-234-2516.

2017 05 10 LSV LTD Bait Shop



2017 05 10 ELM Flagpoles



musical notes


Saturday, July 22, 11 AM & 2 PM, David, In Concert/Harmonica Workshop, Ash Hollow, Lewellen, NE

Saturday, August 19, 1 PM & 2:15 PM, David, In Concert, Sidney, NE

September 8 - 17, 45th Annual South Dakota Fiddle Festival and Contest, Yankton, South Dakota (For more information, contact info@fiddlersofsouthdakota.com)



2017 05 03 CC Fair Quilt Block Contest Flyer


2017 05 03 GRN vendors



2017 05 03 GRN Fun Day

2017 05 03 GRN



2017 05 02 WW Memory Lane Museum 0001

2017 05 02 WW Memory Lane Museum 0002


2017 04 26 WW Memory Lane

Now THIS is Something Pretty Cool!

Soon, the Memory Lane Museum, 215 W. Eldora, in Weeping Water, NE will be hosting a display of items from the collection of Kevin Brack.

For several years, Kevin has been collecting memorabilia from celebrities in the sports, TV, movie and music worlds. Some of the items to be displayed this season will be guitars from Sting and Taylor Swift, Debra Winger's 'Wonder Girl' costume, Ken Norton's boxing trunks and robe, signed baseballs and an evening gown from Katherine Heigl. From the movie 'Blindside', there's even a basketball hoop and jersey worn by country music star Tim McGraw. Oh, now give me a letter.  'V'.....YES! There's even a gown from Vanna White! Many TV show scripts, signed by cast members, will also be on display.

Beginning Tuesday, May 2nd, and each Tuesday thru Saturday thru the end of October, the museum will be open from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  They'll be closed Sundays and Mondays. To make a special appointment to view Memory Laneduring off-hours, call 402-297-1820, 402-267-4925 or 402-267-5562.

The Brack collection isn't the only thing going on at Memory Lane. On the 3rd Wednesday of each month from April through October will be the Brown Bag Lunch programs. A guest speaker will give a one-hour presentation, from noon to 1:00, on a  different topic each month.  

This season's topics and speakers are:    

July 19 Beth Streeter Aldrich House & New Gardens by Kirk Shrader  

August 16, Fraud Watch Network by Chris Erwinski from AARP  

September 20 - Fused Glass & Demonstration by Pam Newell

October 18 - About Essential Oils by Stephanie Wolcott.  

Programs are subject to change, so you may want to call ahead for information at 402-267-5562.

For genealogists, Memory Lane Museum also has plot information and a map for the Oakwood Cemetery.






*Acoustic Music (No cover charge)

** Band ($6 cover unless otherwise marked)




21 *Tony & Walt (great listening music!)

22 ** Toasted Ponies (Bluegrass)

28 * Dustin West Acoustic (should be great, like his tribute bands)

29 ** Osage (3 piece classic rock)


4 *Dan Bird (a new one on our line up... sounds good!)

5 ** Ed Archibald (smooth Jazz, saxaphone and full band)

11 * Kevin Killion (one of our favorites!)

12 ** Daybreak Rock N Roll Show (Rock)

18 * Acoustic Rooster (acoustic, yes, but you can dance to these guys!)

19 ** Silver Wings (Classic Country)

25 * Tom & Wes (great duo!)

26 **Classic Crossing (aka Vinyl Spirit, classic rock)


1  Tribute to John Denver (You guessed it! For all you 70's lovers)






July 22 - Rodger Roberts & Friends

August 5 - Alex Vanderbeek & Friends

August 19 - Almost Good, John & Bonnie Stephens

September 2 - Jamie Williams & Friends

September 16 - Irish Donahoo & Ty Seeger

September 30 -Fred Larson & Friends

October 14 - Anniversary Show

October 28 - Larry Hansen & Friends

November 11 - Warren Brewer & Friends

November 25 - Plum Tuckered

December 9 - Christmas Show for Young Musicians



2016 11 23 SPR library

2017 11 09 ELM com food bank


.2016 08 31 adult ed

Plattsmouth Adult Education Adds Job Skills and New Class Times

Plattsmouth Community School District Adult Education begins its 40th year with a new focus on College and Career Readiness. The Federal Government has charged all adult education programs with preparing students for college and the workplace. Plattsmouth is stepping up. PCSD will integrate job search, workplace skills, and college preparation into its GED, English language, and Adult Basic Education courses.

To meet this challenge, an additional class session is being offered on Thursday mornings.
Classes are offered Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday during the public school year at 9:30 a.m. - noon and 6:30- 9 p.m., at the PACE Center, 15508 2nd Ave. The PACE Center is located across from the high school to the west.

Please call Tallie VanWesten, program director, at 402-296-3174 Ext. 2315 for information.

New students may begin during any class period by arriving a few minutes early. You will be very welcome.



2016 09 21 VFW

2014-05-28 Al-Anon

2017 05 10 LSV hopes closet


2015-09-09 PLT_PCC_Early_childhd__

2015-09-09 PLT_PCC_Zumba

2015-05-06 SARPY_CASS_Safety_Seat_Inspect_copy

2016 09 21 Amer Job LOGO

2015 09 21 American Job Center




The following is an employment opportunity available to older adults in Cass County.

Experience Works is a national, non-profit organization funded by the US Dept of Labor to administer the Senior Community Service Employment Program, which assists people 55 and older in getting updated training to assist in returning to the workforce. This is a federally funded program and offers a no-cost employment service to older adults who qualify.
Once accepted into the program, individuals are placed in a training site in or near their community, where they gain on the job experience while working 20-21 hours/week at $8/hour.
We also help with skill assessments, computer training, resumes, cover letters, job search, etc.
The goal is that through the training and job search assistance we gain help older adults gain good jobs in or around their communities.

Stephanie MahonyEmployment and Training CoordinatorExperience Works, Inc.1111 "O" Street Ste 205--American Job CenterLincoln, NE 68508
Phone: 402-441-1654Fax: 402-441-6038stephanie_mahony@experienceworks.orgNebraska Toll-free Number: 1-877-314-7526

2014-08-27 ELMWD_BNPMonthlySchedule





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